Tuesday, April 1, 2014

[♥Sponsored♥] ES-A555 Lower Lashes Review

Hiiii ~✩
Today I'll be reviewing these lower lashes kindly sponsored by kkcenterhk! I highly recommend this website for cheap eyelash dupes and variety. They have so many designs to choose from it took a while for me to decide too! Honestly, these did not disappoint and looks lovely in person. If you're interested, I have a 10% discount code for my readers! Hope you like the review :)

ES-A555 Handmade Transparent Stem Lower Lashes
Get them HERE from kkcenterhk
Use 10% Discount Code: RINKKOPUFF
Design [✭✭✭✭✭]: I always loved this kind of semi-natural designs for bottom lashes! They are great for droopy eye makeup ♥ also, the hairs are relatively sparse so it looks quite natural! But these could definitely work with heavier makeup too. These lashes are a little bit longer in length, so you might need to cut them if you have smaller eyes or not comfortable wearing full lower lash. Personally, the length fit perfectly on my eyes! Looks like I have naturally luscious and full lower lashes!

Quality & Durability [✭✭✭✭✩]: They are nicely made, invisible band and soft hairs. They hold their shape well but still need to be gentle with them. It starts to get flimsy around 5+ wears but it can still look good if you take care of it. For a box of 10 lashes, it can really last a while.

User Friendly? [✭✭✭✭✭]: They're very easy to apply! The lashes have a natural curve that fits nicely on the eyes at the right angle.

Overall [✭✭✭✭✭]: I prefer natural designs for my lower lashes because they can very easily look too dramatic and fake if the design is bad. I think these are absolutely gorgeous and versatile for natural, dolly or dramatic makeup. They look really pretty in person and gives a natural flare to the eyes. The band is soft and it is easy to apply too.
Get them HERE from kkcenterhk
Use 10% Discount Code: RINKKOPUFF
Thanks for reading xoxo

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

mon Lily ღ

Spring is so close! Are you ready for a new season? Today I want to share a new adorable brand that came out a week ago called mon Lily 

Along with the new line for plus size girls, DreamV is collaborating with LARME~sweet girly artbook~ to create mon Lily. If you're not familiar with LARME, it is a relatively new magazine that features innocent/feminine/sweet style. Their fashion is currently available in DreamV online webstore and will stock new items every month!
I'm excited to see more new items from mon Lily! It's not really my style but I still think it's so adorable to look at! My favorite is the Frill Georgette Onepiece! I love the dusky pink rose colors ~♥

On a different note, these past months really left me in a fashion slump because of personal issues and hopeless weather. Also with the new direction of gal, I feel like my style is changing too but with no where to go or be inspired by. Does anyone feel lost in their style sometimes? And because of that, I'm on a journey to clean up and unify my closet! I also recently ordered from DreamV again because of free international shipping event (ends March 27th). Honestly, I'm quite excited because now I finally have an idea where my style is heading; almost like a revelation! Hope to share more with you soon when I'm not so busy!

Thanks for reading xoxo
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