Monday, October 10, 2016

♡ A/W Japan Wish List 2016 ♡

I am SO excited the trip will be jam packed with fun! I'll be visiting Okinawa, Tokyo and Hakone with my family and friends! I feel so spoiled but these past few months I've been trying hard to budget my money and only spent on groceries and "necessities" lol. So I figured I should make a list of what I really want and also most importantly, something I will wear. Shopping in Japan feels so carefree because everything seems so wearable but its a different story when wearing it in Canada. I know I will definitely hit 109 for my one-stop shopping spree! I could only browse what was available on the internet but I'm sure there will be more selections in-store. Here are some things I like /maybe like to purchase~

Definitely want everything from DaTuRa LOL. I follow their instagram so I've been eyeing a few pieces I really want to get.  

Delyle NOIR
Didn't really find much but I think the blue skirt has a super cute pattern and the red rose dress is so unique I might want to get it for "special occasions". The grey top and beige dress is also something I would definitely wear!

Wow haven't really followed DIA for a while after seeing some horrible designs... but somehow I like where they are going now... kinda mature but still got that sexy touch. Probably won't be getting the leather jacket because of the price&quality but just a reminder for myself to get a brown leather jacket. DaTuRa has a similar skirt but I feel that the fur is too much. DIA's design looks much more wearable and also cute. I also really wanted a nice white blouse shirt and lol surprised that DIA has the plainest looking one -- still nice tho. The last one looks kind of odd but I really like it?? Will be checking them out~

Okay so GYDA is really growing on me. I follow Yumaika on IG and seriously, my girl crush. Really wanted that black top after she posted it. I've been wanting a long grey coat that's cozy for the colder days. Also, cute bomber jacket with palm trees. I also want something similar to a furry long cardigan that isn't too dramatic.

Lip Service
Didn't really see anything I really like except for these two. Simple turtle neck dress and a lacey tank top. Close up on the lace looks kinda weird but I somehow like it lol

Liz Lisa
LL isn't really my style but I reaally liked the top! So cute!

Luxe Rose
More ruffle tops and long-sleeved bijou shirts for fall/winter. I am in love with the shirt dress!! Really hope I can find it!!!

MA*RS has a similar shirt dress so in case i can't find it..!! I'm also looking for long cardigans and these are perfect! Wanna get in both colors! 

Probably won't get them but I really like how they look! I want a big cropped sweater for autumn~

Lots of nice stuff I would like! The beige dress is so elegant and I'm looking for more outer wear. 

Sneep Dip
Didn't have a lot online but I really like the design on this dress and I hope it fits good too!

I can't wait! Obviously won't be buying them all but making a list really helps narrow down what I want and don't need. Kind of shocked to see meJane tone down so much I couldn't find anything I liked. Also, looking forward to check out One Way. The webstore doesn't look too interesting but I know there are a few pieces I might like. Didn't include accessories and shoes on the list but I'm sure I'll find something. Can also see what my current style kinda is. I'm trying to stay away from pink since beige grey black and white can be mixed and matched easily and I'm always going for those colors lately. I only wear pink blue or red for a pop of color if I'm feeling it. Anyways, I still have a few days to think about it but ahhhh, so much hype! 
It'll be fun :D

Let me know in the comments if theres anything you also like and what you think!
Thanks for reading!
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