Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SheIn Review ♡ Black Leather Joggers

Hi everyone!
I've been so busy lately but I'm back with another review! A big thank you to SheIn for sponsoring this post. Joggers or track pants are in trend right now and I really love how you can dress it up or down. They are so comfortable and easy to style with. Plus my boyfriend has similar pants so its cute when we match~
Black Tie Waist PU Leather Zipper Pants
Get them HERE from
Design♡ I really like the faux leather and zipper design. It's simple but still stylish. Only the front half has the faux leather and the back is just regular legging fabric. I actually like this split because it is so comfy and makes my bum look nice lol. These are high-waisted pants and has drawstring to adjust. They are also skinny at the bottom so you can pull them up to capris style. 

Fitting♡ After checking the measurements, I chose size S and it was a perfect fit. From experience, SheIn measurements has been true to size. It hugs my waist comfortably and ends just at my ankles. Look great with heels!

Quality♡ The leather fabric is thin and the legging fabric is opaque. It is one layer and the inner material is soft and light so you can wear them in fall, spring and even cool summer nights.

Overall♡ I really like these joggers and especially the leather/zipper design. Lately when I don't feel like dressing girly style, I like more edgier and simple looks. Something similar to GYDA's sexy casual vibe.

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Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading!

Monday, April 25, 2016

[♥Sponsored♥] YEGZ Eyelashes HW-33

Hi everyone!
Today I am reviewing these eyelashes kindly sponsored by BornPrettyStoreI was looking for voluminous lashes with a natural design and I thought these looked great! Hope you like the review!

YueErGongZhu Eyelash HW-33
Get them HERE from BornPrettyStore
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Design [★★★★★]: These caught my eye because of the versatile design, it can flatter any type of makeup. The end of the lash is long and looks really elegant. The length of these lashes are alright and gives great volume!
Quality & Durability [★★★★]: The lash fiber is sturdy and can hold shape really well. The lash band is thin and invisible which is very convenient. It doesn't look particularly shiny and blends well into my own lashes. Great quality!

User Friendly? [★★★★☆]: Easy to apply because of the thin lash band but they are quite heavy.
Overall [★★★★☆]: I think they are very versatile and looks natural. You can wear them differently depending on how you stick them. To show the lashes better, I pushed them up in the close-up picture. They fan out beautifully, looks really nice! In the selfies, I followed the curve of my eyelash so they appear more natural and a softer effect.
Get them HERE from BornPrettyStore
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 Thanks for reading!
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