Monday, April 25, 2016

[♥Sponsored♥] YEGZ Eyelashes HW-33

Hi everyone!
Today I am reviewing these eyelashes kindly sponsored by BornPrettyStoreI was looking for voluminous lashes with a natural design and I thought these looked great! Hope you like the review!

YueErGongZhu Eyelash HW-33
Get them HERE from BornPrettyStore
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Design [★★★★★]: These caught my eye because of the versatile design, it can flatter any type of makeup. The end of the lash is long and looks really elegant. The length of these lashes are alright and gives great volume!
Quality & Durability [★★★★]: The lash fiber is sturdy and can hold shape really well. The lash band is thin and invisible which is very convenient. It doesn't look particularly shiny and blends well into my own lashes. Great quality!

User Friendly? [★★★★☆]: Easy to apply because of the thin lash band but they are quite heavy.
Overall [★★★★☆]: I think they are very versatile and looks natural. You can wear them differently depending on how you stick them. To show the lashes better, I pushed them up in the close-up picture. They fan out beautifully, looks really nice! In the selfies, I followed the curve of my eyelash so they appear more natural and a softer effect.
Get them HERE from BornPrettyStore
Use 10% Discount Code: CCH10
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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

❅ My Christmas 2015 ❅

Christmas is my favorite holiday. Honestly the best moments are spent with people you love. I arrived to Toronto on the 23rd of December. Immediately I was so excited to see my family and friends again. 

This was our family christmas feast! My family loves to indulge. It was the best :D
On the 26th, my friend invited me to karaoke with her gang. I don't like karaoke but I went anyways. It was actually someone's birthday! It was pretty good lol got to know my future party squad. Yehh
My cousin got a hoverboard! It was actually pretty fun and easy to learn lol. I can't skateboard to save my life but I can at least hoverboard! Getting off it was the hardest part tho lol.

We normally do summer trips but since everyone was together this Christmas, we went up north lol. Staying true to our family goals, we all went on a trip to a resort hotel for the next few days. It was pretty fun! We don't do much winter sports so we mostly just chilled as a family lol. Sooo much snowwww
I also met up with friends and food. Took too many fugly selfies for laughs lol. You can hear my friend was actually on the phone making dinner plans for us later hahaha foodies are my besties lol "this is just a snack"
NYE Party!!!!!! Yasss all the Christmas hype I was waiting forever for this. I love clubbing with my girls and the guys ahhh<3 Honestly best way to end the year. I had a great time :')
Last but not least, more foodie adventures with my famjam. We went to Captain's Boil as yaknow, we love seafood. And it was such a cool experience! Everything came seasoned in bags and you get to eat with your hands all fresh and stuff.
We like, conquered our food.
I love taking pictures when I'm making new memories. I like to make sure I capture everything so I won't forget. But there are times when being in the moment is just to enjoy. I had a great Christmas and so blessed to share it with friends and family.

Thanks for reading!
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