Monday, December 15, 2014

Gyaru Meme 01 ♡ When Did You Start Dressing Gyaru?

Hi guys!
I'm finally done with all my exams ^.^ Christmas holiday is only a few weeks but it'll be exciting! Anyway, I thought it might be fun to do the Gyaru Meme Challenge created by Lizzie and Bunny :)

"When Did I Start Dressing Gyaru?"
It's pretty funny because up until the end of highschool, I lived in Hong Kong but never really paid much attention to Japanese gyaru style. There are tons of inspirations and influence from Japan you can find everywhere, ranging from makeup to translated/imported magazines (ex. Popteen, ViVi, Egg) to fashion stores (ex. Liz Lisa, Lip Service, Snidel). Japanese purikura machines were also popular and me and my friends would go there very often. But we didn't even know what it was called! In HK we would say "Let's go take stickies" as in sticker booth/pictures 貼紙相! I experimented with makeup and also wore circle lens, but never that eyelash-CL connection xD

Early 2011 when I was studyingprocrastinating for my grade 12 final exams, I decided to check out what tumblr was. Yup boys and girls, that's how it all started! I fell in love with all the lovely gal photos on tumblr that I decided to make my own gyaru inspiration tumblr

It wasn't until after graduation that I decided to bleach my hair blonde and seriously start experimenting on gyaru. It was a big push because I was going into university and turning blonde changed my appearance so much, almost like a new person. I did gyaru make up as much as I can, almost everyday for the first year of university. I continued blogging through tumblr until I made this blog sometime beginning of 2012? I think managing my tumblr and constantly practicing taught me a lot in my early noob years. It felt like a long journey but it was really fun!

I went through my laptop for some old pictures. Haha can't believe they are finally seeing light! I'm a little nervous posting them because I don't think they are good enough, but without the progress I wouldn't be where I am today, so whatever! ^^; I started off with very natural makeup but it felt like a lot because I wasn't used to the lower lashes. And then my makeup started getting heavier and heavier. I think the most important thing is getting used to the heavy makeup, then you can start finding the balance between natural and heavy and suit your own needs.
I then started focusing on my contour and eyebrows. I had thin arched eyebrows before but this year I started growing them thicker and straighter. I like them better now but arched eyebrows were also fun while it lasted~
So for some unknown reason I stopped taking pictures with photobooth about a year ago so that's as far as this timeline goes! Hope you enjoyed this post and I nominate anyone who are interested in gyaru and blogging to do this meme challenge :)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sheinside Review ♡ 3 Outfits with Fluffy Basics

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well~
It's nearing the end of the year and there are so many things to look forward to (and also prepare for)! I'm quite surprised because few years back, I would be all wrapped up and still be freezing in the same temperature but for some reason, this winter feels way more manageable and even outfits are more fun! I'm happy to say I haven't brought out my jeans/pants yet! Tights forever and pants for losers haha

Sometimes, certain gyaru-esque clothing can be hard to find but I think local or online stores can be a great source for Onee style if you know what to look for and how to style the pieces. I recently received a fluffy black long cardigan from Sheinside and I want to show you 3 outfits! (Add a coat and furry scarf and I'm ready to go)
Style Point: Cropped pieces / Black & white / Color & pattern
Size: S/M/L
Color: Black
Material: Polyester
Bust(cm): S:92cm M:96cm L:100cm
Shoulder(cm): S:45cm M:46cm L:47m
Sleeve(cm): S:56cm M:57cm L:58cm
Length(cm): S:68cm M:69cm L:70cm
Stock vs. My photo
♡Fitting. After checking with the measurements, I chose size M because I wanted it long and baggy. I'm glad I didn't go for L or it would be a little too long for my arms. The size M was perfect and true to the measurements.

♡Design. I like simple pieces that have unique flare to them. There are also 2 big pockets and 3 push-in buttons on this. Black cardigans can be so versatile and the fluffy details make it more glamourous, perfect for Onee.

♡Quality. The outer material is really soft and warm. When I first received it, there were some fall outs but it wasn't too bad. The material lining inside is made from polyester. It feels thin but I don't mind since it's just the inside, and it's still pretty warm and comfortable to wear.

Click HERE to get the fluffy cardigan! It's currently on sale so hurry!
Like my other reviews, I always try to present them in ways that would appeal to the gyaru style. I hope to show you more items that can work for gal fashion and how I would wear it. You don't always have to spend triple the amount for something only sold in Japan!

Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading!
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