Saturday, August 22, 2015

Graduation Milestone

Hi everybody,
Summer is almost over aww! Currently I'm in Hong Kong and will be visiting Tokyo in a few days! These few months had been so eventful and I'm so grateful for everything! After my last finals in May, a best friend of mine came to visit for few weeks and attend my graduation. My parents also came for my graduation and afterwards, we all went to a cruise to Alaska! In return, me and my boyfriend flew to Toronto to attend my friend's graduation! I have a lot to update but I will start from the beginning of this summer. This will be a quick post about my graduation from university, with a Bachelors of Science in Food, Nutrition and Health! I'm very proud of myself and it was such a big day for me.
My graduation was on May 22, which is the same date as my Dad's birthday! I can't be happier because for all these years, my dad had been so supportive of me and my studies. I wanted to give him a memorable day! My boyfriend's family also came to my graduation. After the ceremony, we took a lot of photos until we were so exhausted haha. Afterwards, we all went for Japanese BBQ for my dad's birthday dinner!
Along with my graduation, my style has also graduated to a more mature side. Since this summer, I can say for certain that the over-the-top gyaru style is not for me anymore. Sure I still love all the crazy substyles and unique fashion pieces -- but just not on me. I see myself leaning towards more basic pieces and simple designs. I still love to dress up and if anything, I like the clean, sophisticated and glamourous onee style. But sometimes, I'm not sure if I can still call myself gal anymore because another big decision I made is to retire circle lenses. I've decided to take care of my eye health, as it is not the best. Nowadays, I prefer not to wear circle lenses because of how uncomfortable it makes my eyes feel. I only wear 1-day disposable lenses from Acuvue with very minimal enlargement and design. As a result, my eye makeup has also toned down. I'll still do gal makeup whenever I can but without circle lens, it'll look weird if I don't use more natural lashes. On regular days if I'm not in my glasses, I will only wear upper lashes. If I'm going out or to a party, I will wear top and bottom lashes. But overall, I'm switching to less dramatic lashes to match my "natural" eyes.
With all the changes, I feel a little different but I like how I've changed. Makeup-wise, I got a greater appreciation for what I was born with. I can't deny that heavy makeup (ie. circle lens + dramatic lashes) looks really pretty but at the same time, I look like a completely different person that it feels like an illusion. I don't want to mask what I really look like underneath. I don't like the odd feeling of wiping layers of makeup to see a different face underneath. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to wear circle lens anymore, not just because of eye health, but also because it makes me look so different.

And with that, I have decided to sell some of my gyaru clothes (liz lisa, mars, dia, yumetenbo etc.) and dramatic eyelashes I won't wear anymore. I will make a sales post for that once I get home to Vancouver.

That's all for this post! I hope I conveyed my feelings clearly in the latter half because it was something I've really thought over.

 Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gyaru Meme 03 ♡ Best & Worse Experience with Non-Gyarus

It's been a while hasn't it? You'll have to bear with me because currently I'm having some technical difficulties and time constraint. My laptop and phone are extremely overloaded and can't handle a lot of editing or photos. I'm also travelling a lot this summer since graduating with my bachelors of science ^^ It's been really fun and exciting so far and I truly want to share it on my blog. But unfortunately that'll have to wait until I get a new laptop and hard drives for memory space. So today I thought I should do a quick and simple post on the third gyaru meme, which is my best and worse experiences with non-gyarus! 
I think I receive more upfront positive reactions compared to negative ones. You never know what the person is thinking until they directly tell you, so it's a waste of time worrying over what strangers have to think. I think when you wear an alternative style, you tend to be more sensitive on comments regarding how you look. Actually, I'm surprised how many strangers would come up to me and tell me I look pretty today. Some would ask how I did the makeup or where I get my clothes. To be honest, I've never had people come up to me and say something rude, other than the inevitable cat-calling or creepy perverts. My worse experience would be with this creep few years ago... still haunts me today ugh.

As for family and friends, they are more open to what they think. Even if it's a different opinion, we are close enough to respect each others views and feelings. I think most commonly they would say I wear too much makeup. Sometimes they'd be shocked and tell me I look pretty. Probably because they also see me bare face, they have to put up with my transformation lol. But it's all good because they know I like my style and I know they like their own style.

When you put yourself out there, it's inevitable to get different reaction from different people. But I'm thankful majority of the comments are positive.

Thanks for reading!
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