Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Update! ヾ(^∇^)

Merry christmasssss! Hope you guys are doing well in the holiday seasons :3
Lots of things had been happening ever since I got back, some good and some bad unfortunately. It's been hard these few days with my parents, the line between protection and freedom is still a little bit blurry since they have to let me go soon, that's why there is always tension around the house. On the brighter side, the food here is sooo much better compared to Vancouver... especially the Japanese food!! That's why when I first came back I HAD to go to a reaaally nice jap restaurant. Such a fatty hehee

SOOO GOOODDD T_____T I'm drooling already ahahah! But honestly I'm planning to go on a diet to lose 10 pounds! Surprisingly I didn't get the freshman 15 and instead, I got lighter when I got back lol >< I already lost 2 pounds since I got here, 8 more to go!!

Other than that I finally get to see my baby cats! My parents got a new one while I was in Vancouver. Their names? Dumpling (Dum-Dum) & Yogurt (Yo-Yo). LOL. Trust chinese families to name their cats after dumplings ahaha.
I went out quite a lot x.x during the day I'd be shopping and night I'd be out drinking or shisha with friends. I'm so legal! Back in Vancouver everything is so anal about the 19+ age ugh -___-
PINK shots shots shots shots! *w*

Bought a purse, dont have one in tan color~

Collars are in trend! I've been seeing tons in ViVi, popteen and 109 Book. Big comfy sweater :3

Top/Bottom lashes, brow mascara & tights

NEW IPHONE CASE!! So adorable hehee
Five more days until I go back! Miss my friends and boyfriend so much :(( And of course I miss the freedom there but that may be a bad thing. Anyway I also bought more things online and I'm just waiting to pick them up in the next few days n____n

Eye make from a few days ago (not related to photo above!)
- Eyeshadows from UD Naked Palette
- Geo Princess Mimi Sesame
- Dolly wink lashes 02


  1. aww I love your blog and you are such a beautiful girl:D
    I hope its ok that I follow you now^//^


  2. Your bambi grey look so much brighter than they do on you!!! DDD: I bought the grey one too and it looks like shit on me LOL. What a waste of $20!! I LOOOVE the brown and green ones though ♥♥♥♥♥ my favourites!


    DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE SUPERB DONG NAI CHA? I don't know how DDD: If I knew how, I would save myself tonns of dollars errdayy ♥♥ tehehee. YAA IN USA, THEY SAY BOBA. INSTEAD OF "OMGAWD LETS GO GET SOME BUBBLE TEA" it's, "OMAGWD LETS GO GET SOME BOBA." like wtf? are you okay? BOBA.

    WHHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS? IT'S LITTERALLY INNSIDEE THE USA TERMINAl? DDD: THAT'S NOT FAIR!!! ewww, i've never been to edmonton before LOL. I always get my Victoria Secret stuff in the states!! :DD In Belisfair!! ♥♥♥ butbut thank you for letting me know!! I was gonna go to YVR and take a look for myselfff ♥♥♥ BUT NUUUU. saddd.

    yo woman, your food is making me super hungry ♥♥♥ and i just ate dinner LOL. you should save me a piece of that sashimi ;DDD !!! TEEHHEHE. and dang girl, what a cute iphone case. YESS ANIMAL PRINNTT♥♥♥♥

  3. you are super duper prettyyyy! :D :D happy new year in advanced! *clinks champagne glass*

  4. where did you get the collared sweater?! lovee <3

  5. that sweater looks so lovely ♥ w
    i just happen to be blog hopping and stumbled upon yours//
    your cats are adorable agsjgsjs ♥ u ♥ www

  6. I also read popteen & vivi <3
    nice clothes too

  7. Nice blog. :)

    The food looks so delicious.

    Also really cute cats, hehe.

  8. @Melty ~ Aww thank you so much :3 np

    @Monica ~ Aw what really?? I dont know maybe it's the lighting, dont throw them out!! I think I lost my bambi chocolate lenses :(((( haven't tried the green ones yet >< ... LETS HUNT FOR PERFECT DONG NAI CHAs !!! :D Since we live so near too lets try out the entire region's BUBBLE tea shops! hehee :D Boo you're lucky! I haven't been to the states yet,, hopefully soon!

    @m. ng ~ Thank you!! Happy (belated) new years too!

    @Catherine ~ Hehe we have the same name :p thanks

    @Nana ~ It's such a cozy sweater, i bought it at a boutique shop in Hong Kong

    @あいか ~ Aw :D thanks! Yeah, I miss my cats T^T

    @Crystal ~ Wooo <3 Popteen :D

    @Trisha ~ Thank you n___n

    @Eccentricxcrush ~ Thank youu!

  9. cute make up :) so pretty

  10. Where did u get ur iphone case? :3 Did u get it from Hong Kong? It's so cute!

  11. @Shen ~ Thank you :*

    @Anon ~ I got it in Hong kong n____n <3


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