Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Post Introduction (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Hello! This is going to be my first blog post hehe. I've never really gotten in to blogging before ever since I left xanga in grade 6 lol but I thought I'd give it a go again because it seems fun! I don't really know where this blog will head but my posts will be about my daily life, beauty/fashion and whatever is on my mind! I may be a lazy bum and may be a little different, so I will write my blog my way. n___n

So some information about this 18 yo girl behind this blog hmm. My english name is Catherine but I like to go by Rin as nickname. I was born in Toronto, Canada but moved to Hong Kong at a very young age. Right now I'm a first year student majoring in Food, Nutrition & Health in UBC, Vancouver. I adore the japanese fashion, specifically gyaru! <3 If all goes to plan hopefully me and my close girlfriends can visit Japan this summer 2012! I used to "blog" in tumblr but I feel that it is less personal for me since I run a gyaru tumblr blog ( if anyone who's reading this follows me please say hi! It's so hard to know my followers when I can't keep track of them >/////<

I should probably go study for tomorrow's Math finals T_____T I actually can't wait til exams are over so I can finally blog lol. Anyway, formal introductions are done! I'ma just leave a recent decent pic my face here and to whoever that is reading my blog, have a nice day! <3


  1. XANNGGAAA WAS THE SHIIIT :DDD I remember blogging on Xanga for like agess and ages back in elementary school and a little bit of early high school haha.

    Food, Health and Nutrition at UBC? DAnng! I assume this is your first year? ^^ Correct me if I'm wrong!! ヽ(~∇~*)

    MACCCHAAA <3 <3 If I could marry maccha, I totally would. Love love maccha!

  2. Wow you are like super cute :3
    I came from your tumblr and I would really love to know a little bit more about gyaru :3 but It would also be great to get to now you ^^

  3. @Monica~ OMG YES my entire grade had a xanga at one point LOLL. Now that I think back, I can't remember what the 12yo me could be blogging about -v- Yep it's my first year here at ubc! MATCHA LOVEEE <3<3

    @Anaya~ Aw thank you! I'm glad I've got some awesome followers hehe n__n<3

  4. ROFLLLL Ah good times good times (* ̄▽ ̄)/ when the entire grade had xanga then Facebook. o(>_<") !! OHH GOOODDD. I looked back to what I blogged about when I was like 12/13, it was so hard to read. I can't believe I was that immature and naive and stupid back then LOLOLL.

    Ne, are you here in Vancouver for exchange from Toronto or are you like a legit resident here now?? :DDDD Food, Nutrition and Health sounds so coooool (*ΦωΦ)/ !!!

  5. HAHA i remember that!! I saw facebook and was like what the heck is this?! I found it so confusing so I rejected it for a bit lol. Yupp! Bet the old posts were funny :p I'm an international student here at UBC! :o lived in Hong Kong most of my life and come back to Toronto for summer every year cuz I've have family there too! n___n

  6. SAMME HERE LOL o`・з´・)/ i was like, PPFFFT, fuck facebook, xanga is where it's at!! :DDD .. and then xanga died.

    HOLLY SHIIT WOMANN ( ゚ ● ゚#)!! your tuition must be CRAZEEEHH expensive O_____O; waaahh!! when did you come to vancouver? :DDD

  7. LOLL xanga did die! I can't wait until i finish my last exam tomorrow -v-
    I came to Vancouver ever since Sept 31st :o do you live here?

  8. Today? O____O TODAY IS SATURDAY. You have exams on Saturday? (x_x)/ that sounds sooo weird. Well goood luckk^^ !!

    SEPTEMMBER? :OOO oh woow! How do you like it here so far? :DDD YEESS, I live here!! I live near Downtown, on the route to SFU! ((;>口<;))!

  9. I KNOW RIGHT psych exam on saturday 8:30AM in the morning!! >< But thanks haha, think I did pretty good :3
    It's a pretty chill place I quite like it! Except for when it rains and how long it takes to go anywhere basically!! s; Downtown is pretty closeby hehee maybe you should recommend me to some good shopping place, i only go to richmond centre or downtown T^T

  10. THAT'S BULLSHIT(ノ★´з`)ノ i've never heard of exams on a saturday morning. is that normal? LOL. This is my second semester in post secondary and i've never had that experience before O____O; !!

    YAAAAAAAa.. if you don't have a car, it sucks LOL DDD: and the translink and everything can be so slow sometimes, especially if you're at UBC (or even SFU) since it's like, outside of everything!! ヽ(・_・、)))))))

    HMmmm. Have you tried going to Aberdeen Centre yet? It may be overpriced but there's a Daiso in there! I think that's the only good part about Aberdeen.. That and they sel all the gyaru products in there for overpriced. DDDD: desperate times calls for desperate measuress!!! o( ̄∇ ̄o))) Parker Place is overpriced too =____= !! But the purikura booths in there are the best we've got =______= !!

    Have you been to Metrotown / Crystal Mall yet? :DDD

    I really like Downtown^^ It's always busy hahah!!

  11. Sigh atleast that was over! Do you have a car?? :O that would be sweet! and I quite like Aberdeen actually!! I even went to that fancy salon to get my roots bleached haha... sooo expensive XD

    I haven't been to Crystal Mall though, definitely will soon! Hehee yeah I like downtown too :3

  12. Naah DD: I take skytrain and stuff LOL. I'm too lazy to get my L.

    YOUU WENT THEREE? HOLLY SHIT. How much was it? O_____O; was it good though? I've always wanted a haircut from that salon but I aint paying that much. I'd rather get my nails done for that price.

    YAaaaaaaa. Crystal mall is like super dead but its like aberdeen!! :DD but smaller. and beside metrotown! DDD: ahha.

    You should put me in your suitcase when you go to HK!!! <3 ne, have you eaten at that modern toilet cafe before?

  13. JUST for bleach and hair wash was around 90 dollars >< it's expensive but it's quite a nice place i guess haha. And yesss I have eaten at the modern toilet restaurant LOL it's pretty fun. The food wasnt exceptionally great, just decent :p


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