Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last few days in Vancouver & Travelling ~ (´・ω・`)

852: The area code of my beloved Hong Kong.
Pink air streaks outside the window!!!!

I'm finally here!!! :DD
It has been a long 13 hour flight but I managed to get back on schedule! The past week in Vancouver had been so relaxing and fun since school was out hehe. I spent most of my time sleeping in, with my boyfriend and hanging out with our group of friends. n___n<3

My last day exam day was saturday dec 18 lol. And worst part of the story was I woke up 15 minutes before my exam LOLL. Snoozed past that 7:30am alarm -____- don't you tend to do that with iPhone??! Anyway later that day, my boyfriend's best guy friends, J and M, came for the weekend to chill!! They are such hilarious guys but love drinking like a bit too much hahaha ahh still love them.

Eye make that day (iPhone)

Uni Life Story #1:

We went with another friend A, who was still staying on campus to a bar/restaurant nearby and they ordered in total FIVE beer pitchers just for 4 guys LOL! I had a sweet strawberry almond slush of Bailey <3 They got pretty drunk and ordered FOUR more 151s, a jager bomb and a citris vodka shot for me hahaha. While we were there one guy from another table was puking with his head INSIDE the urinal!! When me and M went out for a cig break we saw him just sitting on the wet floor. 10 minutes later he just stood up and RAN as fast as he can down the road LOLOL we were cracking up so hard. When we went back into the restaurant M said that the nasty old guy sitting near the entrance checked me out twice up and down ughhhhhh ew.

It took us probably 45 minutes just to get back to res!!! FOUR drunk guys who keeps pissing, hugging/wrestling and getting distracted by things in arm distance LOL. By the time we got back me and my bf had to get my booze (Tequila with Palm Bay <3) then meeting back with them. We went into the res house and he literally fell half way down the stairs >.> clumsy drunktard. What happened then went downhill and we had quite an emotional time together. I think it's mostly because I'm leaving in less than two days back to Hong Kong s; Anyway he went to pass out with J later who ended up puking lol. Me and M went back to A's room to drink and chill more. We probably got back by 3:30am in the morning. Then we had sushi lunch before they had to leave back to Abbotsford T^T won't see them until next year! It was such a great night with them LOL.

Other than that I had a chill Sunday, went shopping on Tuesday to Richmond Centre with bf. Too bad we woke up at 5:30pm >< only had like one hour to shop.

Forever 21

Forever 21 & Sephora (Urban Decay)
I just wish I could've woken up earlier the past few days because I had been saying I'd go shopping for the past week but it never happens lol. The entire mall was basically on 30% to 50% off!!

The next day I had to wake up at 7:30am to get ready to fly. My boyfriend helped me through packing and then had our last breakfast together. I swear I haven't cried or missed someone this much from leaving a place T______T When we hugged goodbye and I started to cry... He said, "Don't do this now please.." then he started to tear up too hahahaha ><

Coincidentally my highschool friend took the same plane as me and so we changed seats next to each other. Such a lonnnnggg plane ride! I started and finished Dreamland by Sarah Dessen, one of my favorite romance author, I absolutely love her. But I can't believe I literally cried through the entire book! Either I'm on a hormone rage or that I REAALLY missed my boyfriend :((( The story reminded me of us. Anyway I hardly slept but I'm glad I'm finally back. n___n Feels nice to be greeted by family and friends!



  1. NAAO COME BACK! STAY HERE LOL. OR PACK ME IN YOUR LUGGAGE!! :DDD I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong and eat ha gao till I drop and drink dong nai cha until I bleed nai cha and and go to that Modern Toilet cafe ROFLORLF.

    LOLLL DANG GIRL, do you drink a lot? You smoke too?! Woah! So cool. I don't drink (anymore) or smoke butbut it fascinates me when females drink and smoke. I don't know why LOLOL. TEehee. Don't mind me!! DDD: !!

    Is the stuff in Richmond Centre's Forever 21 better than the stuff in Metro? O____O I've always wondered; I've never been inside the RC one before.

    Ne, what lens are you wearing in your pic? Are they 15mm? THEY LOOK SOOO BIG. My 15mm lens don't even look that big on meeee!! Hahaha.

    WELLL have fun in HK! :DD YOUU LUCKY WOMAAN.

  2. HA GAO!!! Oh how much I miss GOOD chinese food ahaha :p I do drink, but I dont know if it counts as a lot though o.o Mainly to have a nice time with friends, I don't consider drunk as having a nice time LOLn u___u

    I don't remember Metro's Forever 21 :((( It's a long time ago but the one in RC is pretty big!

    I'm wearing the geo mimi sesame ones :O 15cm! They are the perfect size, not too big or small <3


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