Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Popteen Eye Make Tutorial~!! (>‿‿◕)

Hello hello c:
Finally got a new banner for the blog LOL.
How did your weekend go? Mine was quite refreshing, interesting and contains a lot of alcohol hehe -w- I'll continue the story in details later in the next post because I'm kind of tired and it'll be too long. But first on to make up!!! I'm all in for the potential make up brings to our faces but I try not to put any or very minimum if I can u____u we have to take care of our skins ladies!! Anyway I saw this on the December 2011 issue of Popteen <3

I love Popteen! Especially when I can get it cheap and the translated versions that I can understand hahaha. I only buy Egg from time to time because it's too expensive T^T plus they are all in japanese.

The main focus of the tutorials was to create bigger eyes by exaggerating a "puffy" lower lid n___n It's quite interesting ne? And Mai looking so gorgeous on the full face spread *w* anyway thought I'd just share this with you guys hehee because I might as well try it out! I've got weird dark eye circles >"< but I'll be buying Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit in a few days!! :3 I thought this might look weird but honestly the soft brown contour at the bottom doesnt look like dark eye circles and the puffyness looks kind of adorable ahaha. <3

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  1. Thanks for the scans :DD !!

    ... you alcoholic >_______> !!


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