Tuesday, January 10, 2012

NEW YEAR After Hong Kong! (ノ^∇^)

Hi guys, happy new years!! Wow I haven't been on for a while, last time I checked I only had a few followers >///< Thanks for reading my blog!

Here's a quick look and outfit of the another day~

Eye make ~ iPhone selca

Cord! (before I did my hair)
Bought the coat from Pinky Girls <3 LOOOVE it so much!

I flew back from Hong Kong a week ago and I've been out busy most of the days, I almost didn't have enough time to unpack my suitcases! So much more stuff I bought back from home :3 !! I took a lot of pictures so I'll save some for the next post~

STARBUCKS!! Snowball & Melted Snowman Cupcake lol how cute

More food <3

Gigantic christmas tree in a Festival Walk (mall) *___*

Cord during christmas break, I miss the chill weather back home :(

My boyfriend picked me up from the airport, he was the first person I saw when I came back hehe <3 Anyway this semester isn't intense but I HAVE TO BE!!! I have to catch up from messing up last term T^T but I'm ready! Study hard until.... 2 parties this weekend! Work hard play hard enjoy life n____n

My new year resolution is to get a high GPA, time management, natural flawless naked skin and save money! What are your new year resolutions? ;D xx


  1. your make up is great and i fall in love with your coat *O* its suits you very well

    my resolution are to save money too and do more sport ... i was in the gym yesterday but to save money is harder xD

  2. Ah you look so cute! Love your outfit & your coat.

  3. your hair & makeup looks great, and i really like the outfit at the end of the post!! ww

    also, the food looks d e l i c i o u ssss~ <3

    xoxo, びび

  4. Yummy japanese food <3

    I think I definitely needa have better time management! always just procrastinate with no reason :S HEA

  5. I'm one of your new followers. ;)
    Happy New Year to you too. You are cute and the food pictures are awesome!

  6. @tine ~ Aw thank you :3 I love it too! Good luck this year! I always find ways to spend my money lol T^T

    @kimberley ~ Thank you sweetie<3

    @びかりん ~ I loveeee eating :D And thanks bb >///<

    @ Denise ~ Hahaha I always procrastinate!! Gets ridiculous sometimes how lazy I am :/ but good luck! It is still the start of a new year

    @lovepirate ~ Hi Tina :D Food is always awesome haha, thanks!!

  7. Oh you are really cute *^*
    and your make up is perfect!
    Followin' you hehe~


    Your food just made me hungry!! And I just finished eating 2 large fries from McDonalds. GOOD JOB. GOOD JOB. I HATE YOU.

    Ah hooo leng ah! LENG LUI. YOU. LENG LUI.

    Ah thanks! YOU TOO. How long are you going to be at UBC for? Because I'm trying to get my ass there in about 2 - 3 years and major in Japanese!!! Dang, if you're still at UBC once I transfer, WE SHALL HANG OUT AND GET SOME BUBBLE TEAAAAA. I'm not sooo into Gyaru anymore (I'm mostly mainstream now) butbutbut I really like your style and make up! Not to mention your facial structure!! :DDD DAMN WOMAN. HO LENG LUIIII.

    YES LET THE SKIN BREATHE. BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT. -insert yoseob's voice here- HAHA.

    Ahh, I hope 2012 will be great for the both of us! That would be so cool if we bumped into each other or something in the future days!! :DD HAHA.

  9. cute outfit! and Hong Kong?! I'm so jealous! HK is definitely one of the places I wanna go in my life a few times! the food looks delish too!!! good luck on your resolutions! the skin thing & gpa are both on my list...but thanks to "that time of the month", i broke out like crazy this week T3T

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  10. That coat is really cute! And I like you makeup, the eyes are very pretty. Did you eat a lot of food? How could you not when it looks that goood!! Work hard this year to accomplish you're resolutions ^__^

  11. @Ayu ~ AW Thank you! :3

    @Monica ~ I'm ALWAYS hungry lololol :D you are super leng lui too babe <3 Ahhhh we'll have so much fun if you transfer!!!! There is like 3 bubble tea shops on campus *w* not exceptionally good but meh. Anyway thank you haha >< aw my face shape looks a tad better when i look upwards :p yepp good luck on your japanese studies!!!

    @Alex ~ Thank you >///< yes from Hong Kong!! You should visit sometime :D ahaha I break out too during PMS T^T Good luck! <333

    @ Honeydewsweat ~ I LOVE honeydew melons!! Ahaha Thank you so much :D Yeah tasted great!! Hope your new year resolutions succeed too!


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