Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pros/Cons of having long nails! & also a lil update~~ (。*ω*。)

Helloo how have you guys been? ^___^ Well I've got a.....ONE WEEK BREAK! I'll be arriving to Toronto this Sunday night :3 I'm very excited to see my family and my highschool buddies!! :D

A few days ago me and my bf went out for valentines day, we saw The Vow and had sushi dinner! *___* I love how I dragged him to watch it LOL he is so damn allergic to those things hahahaha
Rachel McAdams is so pretty in the movie! It wasn't as romance-packed as I expected but it turned out pleasantly fine. At least it wasn't like The Notebook (which I also watched with my bf LOL I'm killing him) ughhhh I had such high expectations but it just turned out to be meh.
Baked him some cupcakes~

On our way home we witnessed a traffic accident!!!!! The electric wires that attaches to the public buses fell down, sparks flying everywhere! We had to take a taxi back because the entire bus transit was temporary down. That was something unexpected though, we saw the wires fall as soon as we stepped out of the subway.

Anyway I was inspired to make a post about the pros & cons of having long fake nails. I love long nails, like legitimately long ones that makes my typing speed slows down more than 50% hahaha. Buuut I get lazy so I wear fake nails or get them done at a salon.

  1. Pretty pretty nails *w*
  2. Makes your hands & nails look cleaner and longer
  3. Controlling your hair (It's like an adjustable agile comb)
  4. "Scooping" dirt out the corners of your eye without ruining your makeup
  5. Can last for a while, I always bring my nail glue with me incase they fall off or gets loose. Just glue them back stronger and closer to the cuticles = "new" again
  6. Glue is surprisingly strong, I can scratch anywhere anything and still stays on
  7. Grabbing food LOL your nails are like a clamp!
Cons (that apply to me):
  1. Typing/texting
  2. Buttoning up LOL takes me foreverrrr
  3. Removing contacts
  4. Pinching/picking up small things with nails
  5. Glue damage nails </3
I'm munching on this willy wonka milk & white choco mix bar :3 soo good hahaha.

I can't wait to get my nails done with my girlfriends c: So that's it, hope you guys all have a nice day!


  1. Seriously, long nails are just so classic looking.
    I am so freaked out that my school will be requiring no nail polish and super short nails.

    Your weekend seems lovely.

  2. That chocolate bar looks sooooo good.. I've never seen those in Canada :( not fair..

  3. Ohw, I wanna try this chocolate bar, too. ♥ ;A;

  4. Soo true!!DD: Today i'm with big nails AND nail art, so life is hard for me now hahaha

  5. i just found your blog and its nice! Check my blog ^^~

  6. I love having long nails too! A tip someone told me to remove contacts was to slide it all the way inwards and not to "pinch" them out like the normal way =)


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