Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My trip to Toronto through pictures \(^ω^)

Hi!! Haven't blogged for a while haha forgive me T^T been very caught up with school work and such~
Just finished a biology midterm so I'm going to spend my chill time here :D

On end of February I flew back to Toronto to visit my friends and family! Pretty much all I did was shop and hang out with friends~
So here's a little pic collage of my trip

4 dollar udon LOL so good

Strawberry flavored fortune cookies!!

I watched the basketball game Toronto vs. Detroit. Because Pizzapizza sponsored it, if Raptors (Toronto) gets over 100 points everyone in the stadium gets one free slice of pizza. LOL by the end of the game everyone was chanting "Pizza *clap clap clap* pizza!" instead of "defence"!

More drinks more~

My dear friend gave me another cat to accompany Nommie :3 Don't know what to name him/her yet~

I was shopping for an iphone case, saw this haha so cute! It smelt like bread too *w*
On my way to get my roots rebleached! I should have taken a pic of my stylist LOL he has such awesome gyaruo hair: Long black and platinum blonde highlights and a blonde side tail down his left. I went to Spellbound in First Markham place, very happy with the results, my stylist's name is Stanley <3

PINK hello kitty mahjong!

Trying on hats camwhoring in Forever21 LOL

Cube toast! SOO good ahaha there's berries and strawberry ice-cream inside

Haul time!!

Bought the pink one, my friend has matching white

Bought the last jacket in Pacific Mall, shop name Kiki

Details around the collar
Another pink tight fit jacket. I don't have a lot of winter clothes lol

I was running out of my diamond lashes (angel eye) and bottom lashes 

Eye make for one of the night outs~

Well this is just a small update. Honestly I don't have much going on so far that's interesting to actually blog about. Maybe I'll do a review of a product or something if I'm up to it ahaha. Okay hope you all have a great week ahead! <3 x


  1. I really like your outfit with the black jacket and your case :D very pretty~

  2. The fortune cookie is so cool! I love your outfits! : D

  3. so cool! i'm from toronto :)
    love the pink jacket! looks super good on you.

  4. You're soo pretty!! Love your hair :)

  5. Please, please, read anything about feminism, anything. you are worth so much more than the sum total of your hair, makeup and dress.


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