Saturday, April 7, 2012

HK WISH LIST! & Thank you 120 followers! (o´ω`o)ノ

Hello guys! I got some free time on my hands so I wanted to make a post :3
Me being a lazy girl is a very non-blogger person lol, but I'm grateful I reached 120 followers! Thank you for putting up with me and my half-assed posts? Lol I blog whenever I feel like it and this is another spontaneous post~ kekekee

In less than 2 weeks I'll be going back to Hong Kong! Mainly to get my legal documents renewed blah blah blah, the HK government will be giving me 6500 dollars...just because! That's approximately over 800 canadian dollars *____* So I went online and did a huuuge online window shopping. These items are on my wishlist, hopefully I can get them once I go back to HK! <3

Liz Lisa Heels - Brown

Tralala Snidel - Pink Chiffon dress

Tralala Sweater

Liz Lisa Purse

Tralala Hoodie - Black

Liz Lisa mini skort

Liz Lisa mini skort

Liz Lisa Beige dress

Liz Lisa pink

My search keywords was Liz Lisa and Tralala. I also like tutuHA but I couldnt find any T^T

Anyway hope you guys are having a great weekend! I don't have uni anymore other than 3 days of examination. CRUNCH TIME! fml. I went back with my bf to his home, it's great to see jordo and matt before I leave ^^


  1. All the items looks so amazing! : D I love Liz Lisa and Tralala too! Did you buy it from Taobao?

  2. I thought it was your Hello Kitty wish list!! AHAHAHA! Stupid me. Nice list, hope you'll get all these items! *0*

  3. I just found your blog!!
    It's very nice!

    I made a blog recently too!
    I would really appreciate it if you check it out by and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!


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