Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[Intensive-Repair] Hair Care Routine for Super Damaged (Bleached) Hair! (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

Hi gals~! I've been getting asks by my dear tumblr followers to write a in-depth hair care routine for super damaged hair, and I've been meaning to write one anyways so... and here it is!

I have maintained bleached blonde hair for almost a year and it is definitely damaged. This is all from personal experience and researching, what works and doesn't work for me.

My original hair color is very black and I go to salons to bleach it into a light blonde color. It takes 2-3 40-minute sessions to lift my black to light blonde. Depending on the final bleached color, I either tone my hair or go over with blonde hair dye. I bleach my roots every 4-5 weeks.
Roots vs. Bleached
  • Fresh after a salon session, my hair will feel rough and fragile at the same time.
  • On normal days, my bleached hair texture is average dry, soft & smooth, just... average. It looks fine but definitely not what you feel after a oil treatment from salon. If I don't wash my hair or use some crappy shampoo/conditioner, it feels very dry, rough and almost frizzy.
  • My hair feels very soft and healthy after my daily hair care routine.
2. HAIR PRODUCTS I USE (and Recommend)
I've used & tried many many hair care products but these are what I'm currently using & top ranked on my list c:
*I alternate between these products depending on my hair that day and which products I've used the days before
Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo
Syoss Repair Intensive Care Shampoo


Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

Aveeno Positively Nourishing Moisturize Conditioner
Syoss Repair Intensive Care Conditioner

Hair Masks/Treatments
Essential Rich Premier Hair Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Hair Mask
Essential Rich Premier Damage Care Hair Treatment
Syoss Repair Intensive Care Treatment Mask

Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask

Hair Serums
L'Oreal Hair Expertise Total Repair Serum
Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment
L'Oreal Professional Mystic Hair Oil

What I mean by shower routine is that I plan out what I do in shower to save time & most importantly, allow maximum hair repair!!

Important Note: I use hair masks/treatments as conditioner. I STRONGLY recommend this. Of course you can use conditioner as well but I use hair mask/treatments as conditioner 5 times a week (occasionally mixed with regular conditioner, just a squirt)
  1. Shampoo and lather on to wet hair. Finger-comb through. Rinse.
  2. Generously apply conditioner. Finger-comb through. Leave on, do not rinse or get hair wet.
  3. Continue showering. I take this time for body wash, face cleansers, shave, brush teeth etc.
  4. Step 3 will take 3-6 minutes depending. Afterwards, finger-comb through while rinsing off the conditioner. Done!
  5. To dry, do not crazy rub your hair with towel. Wet hair is fragile so just firmly compress and squeeze the water out with towel.
    • Extra: I do a towel wrap while I change and do skincare routine. Then I comb through my hair, you'll notice the ends will become wet again, so compress with towel again. By then, hair will become damp, leave to air dry; or I apply hair serum & blow dry my hair upside down to retain volume and so my bangs doesn't look funky.
Importance of Finger-combing!
I can't stress this enough! I do not understand why some people just scrunch their hair into a messy pile while applying shampoo/condition, this just makes more knots and tangles to Damaged hair => Rough hair => Prone to knots & tangles! And when you try to untangle them, more breakage and weirdly bent hair. Drying wet tangled hair is a nightmare!!!

What I mean by finger-combing your hair is to make sure every hair is tangle-free & shampoo/conditioner is evenly thoroughly covered. When you rinse, do the same motion. Finger combing ensures your hair is tangle-free from start to finish.

  • Shampoo can be drying. Invest in good shampoo or use sparingly.
  • Use hair masks/treatments as conditioner
  • Mix conditioner with hair masks/treatments to save money
  • Alternate between hair conditioning products. I find that some hair mask/treatment products do not work as well after continuous daily use.
  • Wet/damp hair is fragile, use hair combs to brush only.
  • Hot water dries out cuticle ends and enhance damage. Use luke warm water only.
  • Leave a 1 month waiting period before processing your hair again (ie. colouring, bleaching etc.)
  • Use heat-protectant when styling hair with heated tools
I hope these tips helped :) Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. Thanks for the tips your blog is really cool!
    I´m following you now i hope follow me back!

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  2. > <" Aww I know exactly how you feel! After I bleached my hair.. it got really damaged. I feel like it'd be better to just dye my hair a darker color, and if I want it lighter.. maybe purchase a wig? > <"
    Do you know any good wig places?

    1. I thought of getting wigs.. perfect hair 24/7!! XD But I don't think I would consider getting one anytime soon, too many beauty transformation going on at once D:

      I know Cyperous & Prisila make some awesome wigs, it really depends if they ship internationally though

  3. Ooh I need to try these!
    My hair is quite dry hehehe ^^;

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. i used to have bleached blonde hair too, but it damaged my hair too much and so i stopped getting bleach colours.

    since you highly recommend Dove, i think i'll give it a try when i run out of my current shampoo & conditioner =D

    1. Aw yeah T^T there was this one time I thought i permanently killed a patch of hair follicles... I WAS SO SCARED! ><

      Dove is amazing c: Their whole "Intensive Repair" line works wonders!

  5. Thank you for the info!*0*
    My long hair was sooo damaged but last week I had my hair cut and it was healthy again! But... I've coloured it so now is damaged again =_= You can see this change at my blog! ;D
    I'll have to follow your tips ;)

  6. thank you for these tips! my poor hair is incredibly damaged :(

  7. Thanks for the info! Argan oil is great for your hair too, I use Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and my hair is looking shiny, smooth and healthy, plus this stuff has a heat protector to keep my hair safe when I heat style :)

    1. I've heard many great things about Argon Oil! Avocado Oil as well ^^ Wow, if I ever come across it I'll definitely try it out! :D

  8. Thanks for all the tips. I colour my hair all the time too so my hair is also quite damaged. Will definitely check out some of your recommendations.


  9. Thank you so much -- I just bleached my hair and the damage is freaking me out. When your hair is wet, do you find that it kind of feels strangely soft or a little stretchy?

    1. You're welcome :) Yes, for a few days right after bleaching, your hair might get thin/soft or stretchy. The chemicals may have dried out your hair. Just keep conditioning and taking care of it and it'll return to natural state. ^^

  10. I LOVE THIS! I have fine hair that and it’s always limp and full of static… I wish I would’ve seen this first because I think I tried 1,000 things before I finally found something that worked for me. If you’re interested in trying out what worked for me you can get the instructions here: and tell me what you think! xoxo, WearToStandOut

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  12. Check out the pro naturals hair repair system. All of its products are made with original argan oil so I highly recommend it!

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  15. I'm interested in purchasing the Dove products but I wanted to ask if they happened to sponsor this post. Its hard to tell lately which posts are sponsored and which aren't. Thank you so much!

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