Monday, May 21, 2012


As promised, I'm back with a post of many things I've bought in Japan and Hong Kong last month :3 Sorry for the lighting.. I took them while I was packing my suitcase 3am at night lolol so flash was required .___. I won't be going back to Hong Kong for 7 months so many products I bought was to stock up!
Anywho, enjoy!

Starting off with clothes I bought... a lot!

Brands: Liz Lisa, INGNI, olive des olive, colza, habit, spicy love & random street boutiques

Restocked up my all-time fav Princess Mimi Sesame & Super Nudy Brown circle lenses. Won't be opening them until the current ones are good for disposal :) Eye health!


In LOVE with this leather bag. From Majestic Legion.

"Miscellaneous": tights, pink ribbon hairband

Snacks! How could I not buy munchies
  1. Strawberry cake!
  2. Cocoa-covered mochi with Strawberry cream ~Daifuku :D
  3. Matcha chocolate nut cookies!!!
  4. Various rice crackers :3
  5. Cheese & fish paste sausages
  6. Caramel/Macha latte *_____* <3
  7. PROPER & LEGIT japanese instant ramen. A whole flippin level of taste better than the western instant "ramens" eeugh ><

Care products! These I'm just restocking.
  1. Essential (Rich Premier) Ultra Honey & Shea Butter hair mask. COMPLETE hair saver
  2. Dove Intensive Repair Treatment Mask. Works very well too :) The intense-repair whole line as well
  3. Dove Intensive Repair Overnight Treatment.
  4. Essential (Rich Premier) Hair Treatment
  5. Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion
  6. Lancome Ultimate Whitening Purifying Foam cleanser. 

Beauty products!
  1. Skin 79 BB cream in pink. It was discounted to just below $10 ! So I had to try it out lol
  2. Koji Eye Talk. I use it as eyelash glue instead, works very well!!
  3. Melliesh 06, contouring
  4. Canmake Melty Nude Lipstick in 03 Baby Pink
  5. Eyelash & Contact case. 
  6. Odango, to style big hair buns ^^
  7. Majorca Majolica perfume
  8. KATE Gd-01 eyeshadow pallette

  1. Cute bear for phone ^^ I hang it on my door nob though hehe
  2. Star Model Lash 04
  3. Decorative Eyelash #5
  4. Diamond Lash Glamourous Eyes
I'm still new at blogging D: I didn't know how else to make it nicer so I gave up thinking and resorted to my 3am flash photos lol but hopefully this haul post turned out alright. ~<3


  1. Beautiful haul!
    I love everything but that bag has to be my favourite, IT'S GORGEOUS >W<

  2. Love everything! I really wish we could get Canmake over here in Canada :(


  3. Wow! So many super cute items!
    Those lashes <3
    Cute lenses too!

  4. Very nice haul ! I love the shoes ♥

  5. how many cute stuff*_*!!!!

    i love the shoes and the lashes..i want it^^!

  6. Omfg totally loooooooove the brown shoes! Absolutely my style! ;A; plus I'm jealous of your liz lisa stuff. . . ahhh why don't we have liz lisa here in europe D: haha

    1. The brown heels are super comfy to walk in :D Aww Why don't we have Liz Lisa shops everywhere D: I could buy the whole store lol

  7. aawww your dresses are so lovely!! ♥

  8. Lucky you! Not just because you bought tons of cute things, but because you went to Japan ;__; I miss my family and that amazing country!!! I hope you enjoyed a lot, and now enjoy all these items! ^0^


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