Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Weekend's Photo Diary!(^ω^)✿✿✿

Hello my dear readers :3 How are you doing today? It's finally the weekend!

Too bad for me, I don't get to see my bf this weekend T^T I always look forward to the end fridays where we can finally see each other but not this time! 

So in tribute to my boring weekend, I'm gonna write about last weekend lol.
I spent most of the weekend hanging out with my boyfriend, enjoyed every bit of it ^___^ 
We went to a man made lake, called Albert Dyck Lake.
"Dyck" as pronounced as "Dick" lolol 
Finally feels like summer!!!

Bby trying to create havoc lol
I look weird XD but this is probably the most decent photo of us together lol <3

My eye make that day

Close up

Weekend wasn't thaat crazy or anything, although Captain Morgan was there too hehe c: PARTAYY HAUS!

Other than partying and appreciating alcohol, we also ate.. alot...... LOL. Here's to the calories!
Vanilla Donut from Timmies :DD
Classical Wings! I loveeeee going to Wings, its like a tradition now for Sundays since there's discount for every pound of chicken lol so cheap!. They have like a dozen flavors to choose from *________*<3

OOTW(eekend)? Lol idk, just simple floral maxi dress and INGNI cardigan
My hair was still wet from the jacuzzi so I made two dog ears buns lol XD

Anyway, hope you guys are all doing very well c: 
For me, I have a midterm this coming Monday!! Waaaahh >< well I guess it's a good thing I have a whole weekend to laze around and study right? LOL we'll see how that goes .... hahaha XD

Until next time! Byebyeeeee~~~!


  1. I love your eye makeup ❤


  2. so gorgeous, ah omg your blog is my absolute favourite ;) xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Aww cute couple!
    Your make is gorgeous as usual :)

  4. I love your eye makeup C: reminds me sakurina's makeup

    take a look on my blog n.n

    1. Haha I can see your point :p although i'm not a huge fan of Sakurina, I adore her fashion sense & style!

  5. so cute dress,and i love your makeup..and food are so yummy≧^◡^≦

  6. Really cute pictures i can feel the summer with your pics!
    Nice post!

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Fan Page


  7. I would love to see a tutorial on how you do your eyes. :) are those all eyeliner? or are you using black eyeshadow? I'm still trying to figure out a way to line the lower part of me eyes without it smearing =/

    1. Maybe someday :p I use pencil liner to outline the shape i want first, then go over it in liquid liner after I got my bottom lashes glued on. Try liquid liner, they rarely smudge (for me) ^^

  8. Loving your blog, dear<3 & you look just like a living doll~

    I'm following ^.^


  9. Love your makeup! *0* You're so cute!



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