Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Liz Lisa OOTD, Nails & Mini Review - Conair 3/4" Curling Iron (☆^O^☆)

Hello loveliesss <3
How are you guys doing this week?
Today I want to share with you an outfit I wore~
(Sorry for the horrible yellow lighting in my room :c I tried to tone it down as much as I could)
Dress - Liz Lisa
Socks - tutuanna
Heels - Off brand from a boutique store
Side view. I really like my bow ^^ a gift from my dear friend

Recently did my nails. I wasn't going for anything special, rather, I was in the mood for something more simple, neutral pink and subtle sparkles for that extra glam!

There is actually a new nail salon opening right next to my apartment building!!! Will be going there very frequently once it opens :D Cant wait! I like making nail sets when I'm bored lol, it would be a dream if I could get a part-time job there n___n

These are the nail polishes I used:
L to R: Rainbow by Gosh, Malaysian Mist by OPI, Milky Way by Gosh

Also, I want to do a mini review for my fellow Canadians out there looking for a cheap affordable curling iron. 
Conair 3/4" Curling Iron - $19.99

Functions (★): A pretty standard curling iron, easy to use and has a ceramic barrel. The heat ranges from 1-40. One thing I liked about it is they tell you which heat range you should use based on your hair texture! For delicate thin hair (1-15), average or treated hair (15-25), thick or wavy (26-32) & hard to curl hair (33-40). Also, I really like the clamp since it's very tight so it's easy to curl small thin sections without it sliding off (unlike my TONI&GUY iron). It heats up around 20 seconds and has a metal stand to hold the iron. If you take notice of the handle, it has plastic rounded edges like a stack of mini donuts (..? lol). I found it reaally easy to spin when curling!

Price vs. Quality (★): My friend recommended me this a while ago, and I actually bought this in Save-On lol :p I have a TONI&GUY 1-1/4" curling iron but wanted a smaller barrel AND something cheaper >< For 20 bucks, it curls beautifully and user friendly. I would like a longer barrel though since it's narrow but I'm not complaining much c: Plus it's purple! Extra bonus kawaii points lol

Results (): Happy camper! It does take a while to curl my entire head u___u but it's worth it if you're going for a voluminous curly hairstyle. The curls last quite well, even until the next day! Of course they become more loose and bigger spirals but still gorgeous nonetheless ^^

Here's a better picture of how the curls turned out for me
Thanks for reading! Lots of love,


  1. aww gorgeous curls and good luck on getting that part time job :D

    1. Hahaha I doubt they would be hiring .__. but Ima be the first one there when they do! Thank you :3

  2. Aww your outfit is so adorable! >w<
    I really like the way your curls turned out too~


  3. Love your outfit! And your hair is so gorgeous :D

  4. Really cute dress and your waves are really lovelies~~


  5. You look adorable as usual :)))

  6. you look super beautiful !! I envy u ;__;

    1. But but you're super beautiful too! D: there's nothing to envy sweetie :3

  7. i have a 19mm curling tong from Conair too, and it's the best, heats up fast and keeps the curls in the whole day.

    anyways, love your outfit <3

    1. Hehe yah! So glad I bought it XD Thank you!!

  8. I love the curls & your blonde hair is so beautiful.

  9. You look so pretty^^ And your outfit is really cute :)

  10. New follower here~ I'm also from Vancouver! :O haha
    Your hair and outfit are very pretty ^^


  11. u'r so sweet*_* i LOVE your style*^*
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  12. your eyelashes... how long do you keep them?


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