Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today's Look~ * °☆

Hello hello~
My finals are coming up in a week! Will be quite busy soon T^T
Taken on my mac webcam

Did you do anything interesting this month? ^^
For me, I went camping at a music/bonfire festival last weekend with my bf and friends, was tons of fun but so many bugs lol :p

Hope you guys are all enjoying summer <3


  1. You are always so cute(*´▽`*)


  2. You are such a doll! Super adorable ^^

  3. lovely like always and good luck in your finals ^^

    for me, uni is gonna start next week (T O T), i'm gonna spend most of the time going out to eat the yummiest foods xD

    1. Thank you c: Oh right it's winter for you right now XD enjoy your last week of freedom

  4. Ooh, the bonfire sounds fun~! (But yes, minus the bugs.) You look very cute~ You pull off super blonde hair + baby pink blush so well!! Love it! ^^

    1. It was haha, music was playing all night til morning! And thank you so much Airi ^^ Sadly not all blonde colors compliment me so I've been stuck with this color for many months now. But I'm tempted to change soon :p

  5. You are so so pretty *0* Good luck on your finals! :)

  6. So beautiful ^^

    If you haven't entered my circle lens give away please check it out ^^

    1. Thank you, I've finally entered for your giveaway ^^

  7. You are xtremely cute *u* !!
    I love your clothes! <3

  8. Pretty!
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    Please follow back me. OK??

  9. You look gorgeous! :) I'm following you now :)

  10. You're so cute! I really like your makeup! :)

  11. so gorg :3
    This month deserves an award for being the laziest month T_T
    almost everyday I spent at home cause my bf was busy almost everyday with work =(
    and good luck on finals ^_-

    1. Hahaha XD laziest month = lazy summer days. Sounds perfect to me hehe
      And thank you c:

  12. omg you look so cute <3
    just found your blog!!
    you look like a japanese model damn ._.

    1. Wow T^T Thank you for the comment! <3
      I'm following you now, you've got an interesting style XD

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  14. Your are so cute.
    Love your make up.

  15. wow! your so preetty :) and adorable blog..
    goodluck babe..
    im your newest follower,pls folowed me too!

  16. You look so cute and super dolly in that photo. Good luck for your finals~~


  17. hi! you're totally like a living doll!!
    check out my blog and follow me if you like ♥
    I'll follow you ♥

  18. Im jealous of your looks! Youre so pretty!

    Follow + New outfit post


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