Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Yumetenbo/DreamV Gets !! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Hello everyone!
I made a huge order at Yumetenbo/DreamV last month and I finally got around to pick it up and blog. I lovee my new items so much!! :D

ABSOLUTELY adore this top. It came with a cute big pink bow too!

Love the design and ribbon belt (not shown) it came with! But the triangle cut-out at the back doesn't fit properly, kind of loose, oh well

I wanted lavender but pink is okay. It's kind of big though

The padding/shape isn't perfect and kind of short in length. Will probably remove the paddings later

Should've bought a smaller size, ahhwell still fits I guess. I like the gold chains and designs my clothes came with :p can be used on other things too!

I love ittt! Baby pink platform pumps, my dream color! I've been longing for these platform shoes for soo long! Once I saw these restocked I HAD to buy it lol, hence it started the whole haul :p

Which item is your personal favorite? :o Mine would be the shoes and the pink hime top. The others are more impulsive and curiosity buys XD I wanted to try other styles!

Wahh school starts in a week T^T I'm going to miss this lazy lifestyle once it starts! For now, I'm living with my boyfriend and not doing much all day haha. Basically just waiting for the last weekend to party away~

Thanks for reading!


  1. Cute haul! I love the first top, it's so girly and frilly!

  2. That first top is too cute!Gahaaaa. Seriously adorable.


  3. Those shoes and top are so cute! I seriously love them! I think I will buy that kind of shoes because they're looking amazing!!

  4. It would most definitely be the shoes!

  5. All of the clothes look so adorable! ^^
    The first top is so cute. But I also like the second item because I looove leopard pattern haha~ XD

  6. They're so cute, especially the first! <3

  7. They're all adorable but I LOVE THE PUMPS!!!!! <3

  8. I love the shoes oh my gawd.
    Where did you bought all this stuff ^^?

    New outfit post

  9. How do you order? PLease Help


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