Monday, September 24, 2012

OOTD - Pink school days..:*・°☆.。.:*

Pink Blouse~ Spicy Love (JP)
Lace Skort~ One Way (JP)
Pink Platforms~ DreamV
I barely have time to take pics now and it kind of feels like a lot of my coordinated outfits are going to waste without pictures ;__; everyday errands fill up my days and all I think about in my head is rushing to my next schedule schedule schedule T^T

"6:08AM Ugh I woke up early zzzz..... 9:00AM out, hope I catch the bus... 11:00PM so much woooorkk I need to study in library now... 2:30PM Damnit I should have brought lunch today!!... 3:00PM Where's my class?!?!?... 4:00PM What should I have for dinner today..... 7:00PM BOYFREN Y U NO ONLINE SKYPE..... 8:00PM When should I sleep... 10:30PM Omgomgomgomg I haven't done anything yet.... 2:00AM passed out"

...Aaaaand repeat.

Hello Monday.



  1. You are so pretty:) You have beautiful legs haha try to not take that creepy :P

  2. You look so pretty! :3
    And I exactly know the feeling about rushing through the school days :( Since I started university I'm only at home for eating and sleeping so I'm hardly able to take pictures of my outfits. Waking up early in the morning also makes my eyes so dry that I can't wear my lenses daily anymore u_u

    1. Yess I know what you mean D: Especially the contacts! Like I got my outfit ready but my eyes are too tired to wear lens. It feels incomplete without them :( worse that I wear glasses so theres no point in wearing makeup sometimes ;/
      And thank you sweetie ><

  3. You are so beautiful aghrjbfsbs so unfair hahah.
    Do you know where to buy overknee/thigh high socks
    online with worldwide shipping?

    New outfit post - Hello Kitty Swagging

    1. Hahaha not unfair! Everyone has their own unique beautiful features including you :3 And no sorry.. D: a lot of stores sell them like H&M so I don't think it'll be hard to find

  4. You look so so pretty! And, my days are almost exactly the same... ugh college life.

    1. Thank you :3 haha yes! university drains away my energy too

  5. Dem legz gurllll LOVE LOVE LOVE~!!

  6. Love the blond hair on you look really cute



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