Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Back from Jamaica Wedding-Thanksgivings! **[Pic heavy]**

Hi everyone!!
Sorry for the lack of update, I always find myself trying to find time to blog now >< SOOOOO MUCHHHH SCHOOLWORK ;(((((

Last weekend I went to Jamaica with my family for my cousin's wedding!! It was a really beautiful resort, warm sunny weather and the best of all............ Free open bar drinks EVERYWHERE. Drank so much hahaha XD Good timessssss!

We were only there for 3 days so I didn't pack much, plus we were out allll day so I look kind of grungy haha
Nonetheless it was a very memorable and beautiful trip ^^ It was great to see most of my family all in one place instead scattered everywhere in the world hehe

We stayed at Iberostar Resort in Montego Bay, such a gorgeous resort and the staffs were so incredibly friendly!!

Mmmm sun :D

This is one of my (favorite XD) cousins, Vincent. Playing with our food because we're kids at heart~

My baby cousin Amanda! She loves to be cute and pick out her own dresses LOL I wish I had a sense of fashion when I was young ahaha


My beautiful cousin. She looked so pretty that day :3 Beach wedding!



After the wedding ceremony we went to catch crabs XD We caught like 13 and trapped them in the water bottle but we let them go at the end of the night :p

My other (favorite) cousin, Jordan! Can you believe it? He is actually 11 but TALLER than the rest of my family already!!! He's gonna be a pro basketballer soon XD

First dance~ <3

Fooling arounddd

We also went out as a family hehe

I looove this photo XD makes me laugh everytime ahaha blood-related for sure!

Hungover + fish lens x__x

I bought a turtle!!!!!!!

But it's sad :(

LOL moving on

Awesome Jamaican banana ashtrays

The food was amazing! Room service was also 24hours and FREE!!! So was the mini-fridge. That's like the first time ever :O 

Aand that's the end of the photo dump :p I don't want to put too many family pictures online since :p

These few weeks I've received soo many new things either from mail or beauty products from momma :D I'll be doing a haul post next! Stay tuned! <333

Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Omigosh that place looks gorgeous! Sounds like an awesome trip! Wedding on a beach sounds lovely too! Shoot, one of my friends need to get married on one... LOL

    And you be lookin' like a doll as always ;)

    1. Haha it was heavenly! The weather is like.... x10000023985r729732 times more better than Vancouver lolol. And thank you sweetie :*

  2. ohh I love beach weddings! so romantic :)
    and you look so pretty and cute in every picture!!

    1. Thanks!! I agree, beaches are romantic, nonetheless... not the most romantic place for wedding! Everyone is dressed semi-casually and the sun melts away the make up D: just sticky sweaty and everyones waiting for drinks at the end XD

  3. Wauw, that had to be a dream wedding! So beautiful, congrats ^^ And omg at the Jamaican dick ashtrays haaahahaah :p
    * You look cute as always! So pretty :]

    xo asnfashion.blogspot.com

    1. Lolol omggg it's hilarious! You can cover the dick with a banana, or not. whatever you prefer ;) ahahaha XD

  4. :3 wow the beach looks so dreamy! I really love to go there someday :) you look so cute ^o^


  5. Wow. That looks absolutely amazing! The only thing though; if wedding is on a beach, you can't wear awesome pretty shoes for your dress. :(
    It is funny, I watched a James Bond movie the other day, where he was in Jamaica, and I actually never knew it was so pretty. Now I wanna go there. :)

    1. Yupp everyone was barefoot actually :O LOL.
      Me neither! I didn't really know how Jamaica would look until I got there, the resorts are loooovely but other than that are slums, the people are really friendly though ^^

  6. What a beautiful wedding! It looks very amazing!
    Aaaw your baby cousin is so cute! So girly, lol!
    It looks like you had a great time with your family in Jamaica (*^ ◡^*)

    hellow-mari.blogspot.com ~

    1. Yep so nice to have a vacation as a family :D <3

  7. great photos
    looks very amazing
    can we follow each other?
    i promise i'll follow you back ><

  8. Aww, you look so gorgeous! But at first I thought it was your wedding xD
    Well, congrats to your cousin!

  9. thanks for sharing.


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