Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collective Haul and Recent Gets!! ♡~(^з^)~☆

Hi gals!
This month I've been getting a lot of new stuff! :D
Most of the beauty, facial and lancome products are from my mom and friend, the rest I bought for myself like a birthday spending spree lol :p

Newest Lancome perfume -- La Vie est Belle
Smells love heavenly *___* I'm soooo happy my mom bought it for me!

More Lancome facial products: Blanc Expert Toner/Beauty Lotion, Blanc Expert Whitening Spot & Line Eraser, Genifique Eye Cream

More Lancome products ++Samples and Genifique USB! 

I gave my friend to list to buy for me while she was in Hong Kong. Restocking some essentials :p

Restocking on some miracle products~
Hair mask + Tony moly apple detox cream and brightening cleanser

3 new circle lens from lensvillage + restocking Acuvue 1-day circle lens! Soaking them for the weekend :3 There was a issue with my package so lensvillage will be sending me another pair soon :D 

Forever 21 party dresses! and pink coral color too adorable 

I ordered some band tshirts and hoodie! So in love with themmmm *w*

New nails, rings and white tights!
I also bought a garter from La Senza but meh :p too lazy to take pictures. 

Now I can finally open and play with my new stuff :D But lol, so broke now ahahaha, won't be eating anything decent soon T^T ...still contemplating whether I should buy a new halloween costume or not D:

If anyone is interested I wouldn't mind doing some reviews :3 although I will probably review my new lens and perfume anyway, hahaha.

Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Love your goodies<3 & such a cute ring!
    & could you do a review on the Acuvue dailies?
    Very interested~ Thanks


  2. Such nice buys! Love all the clothes!

  3. Aww, so cute <3
    Where did you get your tights from? c:

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