Thursday, April 18, 2013

6 New Circle Lens~! (☆^ー^☆)

So this month I've been really busy with final exams ;__; I still got 2 more left before I'm free.. So while I'm grinding my ass off for the last two, I'll be on a lazy-mode when it comes to all my social sites hehe. Anyway, today I finally got all my new contact lens and I want to share them with you! I'm really excited to try them out ^^
I.Fairy Lumos Orange
I.Fairy Ash Blue
GEO Honey Wing / Olive Brown OL-104
GEO Color Nine Grey AN-A45
GEO Big Grang Grang WHC-244
EOS Pop C. Dark Violet
I'm most excited in trying the I.Fairy lens!
If you have tried any pair of these lens, I'd love to hear your opinion of them!! :D
As always, I'll be doing circle lens reviews once I have the time (half of the lenses are sponsored). Leave me a comment because I don't know which one to review first! :O But most likely it'll depend on which vial I'm opening first heh :p But honestly my current lenses are a good variety (natural, dramatic, exotic, enlarging, etc.) for the different effects I want to wear that day so idk.

Annnyyhoww. This is just a short post because I've been resisting the urge to open the lenses before all of them came so I can take one big photo. Responsible blogger? Sigh lol can I just be lazy for the rest of my life hehe

Thanks for reading xoxo
Hope you all are having a great week! Spring is coming soon :D yay
Also, if you haven't seen my first blog giveaway, you're really missing out!<3



  1. I totally love how fairy ash blue look into the bottle, can't wait to see some pics of u wearing those!!! ♥

    1. Yesss me too!!! I already have a enlarging blue lenses but I don't wanna open the new ones because I know I won't wear my old ones afterwards XD

  2. Hi Cat!!! Not sure if you've seen my reply to your comment on my blog, anyways... I love Tempura too!! and guess what, Shrimp is the best for me too!! I also love Renkon~

    Yea! Many metal bands specially come to Japan to perform. Wish i could have seen Nile Perform! Hmmm..So far, the bands i've caught are: Dragonforce, Lamb of God, Iron maiden, Judas Priest, Dream Theater, Nightwish, Sabaton, X-Japan, Luna sea & Children of Bodem. I'm currently in Singapore right now as Cradle of Filth is gonna perform next week! After that, i'll be travelling around south-east asia before finally heading back to Japan. I'll be stopping by HongKong for 2 days too!

    However....I'm really disappointed as I wouldn't be able to catch Gammaray/Helloween. They'll be performing together in Japan, unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to make it back in time! :(

    P.S : You look great with that lens!!~

    1. Wowowowow omg I am so jealous right now!!! I'd love to see Lamb of God, Judas Priest, Nightwish and Children of Bodem! ;___; are you in Singapore for the Cradle of Filth tour? I'm not a big fan of CoF but I think they were touring with Decapitated and I was sooooo excited to see they were coming to Vancouver.. unfortunately they were cancelled though :/ Please make a blogpost about the bands! I'd love to see that :D
      What will you do in Hong Kong? Hehe there's a huge ("underground") hardcore scene there, one of my favorite local bands King Ly Chee is amazing to mosh to, greatly influenced by the Hatebreed <3 not my style but their concerts are so fun!

  3. YOU. PRETTY LADY! haha All these lenses mean more spams of you riiiight? ;D
    I have tried all the lenses except for those I.fairy ones and the color 9 grey. I've been thinking of getting the I.fairy ash lenses though.
    As for the other lenses.. they are all nice lenses ^^ I've had other I. fairy lenses and none of them has disappointed me so far! So I hope you'll like all of them!

    1. Aw you too sweet! Hahaha don't look at them like a face spam LOL D: I think Vassen and I.Fairy are my top favorite CL brands now :D All their designs and lenses are so pretty!

  4. Can wait to see how they look like on you! Especially Geo Honey Wing ^^

    1. You'll definitely see it in a upcoming review :)

  5. SO MANY LENSES <333
    Heheh hello cutie~~

    I think I tried GEO Honey Wing waaaay back, they were ok haha. All the best for you finals

    1. Thankyouuu :3 I'm not too sure about Honey Wing because of the small enlargement but the color seems so pretty!

  6. you are so pretty I'm might gonna die.

  7. Wow six lens? You're so lucky *_*

    1. Yes I won't be buying lens for a while now XD

  8. That last photo of you ahhhh so cute!!!! I can't wait for you to be reviewing them sweetie!! I've been having my eyes on them but I haven't seen any reviews on some of them! Looking forward! :D <3

  9. Lumos Orange and Ash Blue, dear!


  10. hahaha yes you are a responsible blogger. taking photos before opening them to wear. sometimes i wish i can be lazy and just rip open products and not take photos of things *sigh*

    anyways i like geo honey wing. i used to wear them before and i feel like they are more towards the natural side and are very pretty.

    please review one of the fairy lens first!! :D

    xoxo Sarah

  11. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

    Just for your info. you can also check out for more exciting brand colored circle lenses.

    Enjoy and stay pretty : )



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