Friday, May 3, 2013

.♔ The Versatile Blogger Award ♔.

Hi everyone!
I hope you all are doing great! Today I want to write about the Versatile Blogger Award that I was nominated by lovely Lizzie (Mysticthorn), Sarah (Xlicious), Laura (Geisha baby) and Nini. I didn't expect to be tagged multiple times :o

Thank you so much girls!! <3
Rules rules rules: 
  • If you are nominated, you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award 
  • Thank the person who has given you this award. That's common courtesy 
  • Include a link to their blog. That's also common courtesy 
  • Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly 
  • Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award 
  • Finally, tell the person who has nominated you 7 things about yourself
7 Things About Myself:
  1. I need a hug toy to sleep, or else my arms will feel empty and I can't sleep. My current favorite hug toy is my boyfriend hehe. Til this day, as childish as this sounds, I have a special connection with my plushies, especially when I'm lonely. Ever since a child, I never really had friends so my stuffed toys were the ones who were always there for me and I can cry or spill my feelings freely without being judged. Also they comfort me a lot.
  2. Speaking of sleeping, I hate the the process of trying to fall asleep (that's why I stay up too late even when I'm tired and bored). But once I am asleep or get woken up, I never want to leave the bed and just sleep for the rest of the day.
  3. I find anything to do with fire to be very mesmerizing. I love how the flames dance, the destructive and constructive nature of fire, and I especially love smoke! The way it rises up, forms a delicate cloud and disappears so gently, it's so beautiful ;__; Lately I've been collecting many scented candles, my new love <3
  4. Major tea drinking enthusiast here!! I drink tea everyday and I love all kinds of tea. I always check out the Tea section in the grocery store and see what new kinds of tea I want to add to my huge collection. Whether they be fruit tea, spice tea, basic tea, I love them all! So much that I don't like to throw diluted tea bags away, instead, I layer it with another (different or same) tea bag until I feel like it's time for them to retire hehe. Nothing goes to waste! Experience with new combinations of tea bags :D
  5. I hate the taste of carrots and green onions in ANY form. I will literally spend 10 minutes picking every single one of them out before I eat my food. And if I can't, I'll simply not eat it.
  6. I hate the smell of Lavender. In whatever fragrance, body lotion, room refreshener etc. I cannot stand it. It's a overwhelming spicy scent that makes me cringe. Ironically my mom loves lavender :/
  7. I have a good drinking face. When I take shots or hard liquor, I can hide my facial expressions of what I'm really thinking LOL. No matter how nasty it taste. (Even gin. God that shit's grosssss)
I nominate (in no particular order):
I'm sure some of you girls and guy probably got tagged and did this already but it doesn't matter :) I just want to let you know that I'm a fan of yours <3
  1. Losa
  2. Olivia
  3. Christina
  4. Joshua Hideki
  5. Jo-ann
  6. Leelee
  7. Bee Apple
  8. Lolo
  9. Ninoshka
  10. Dolly
  11. Anna
  12. Jojo
  13. Xiaoting
  14. Nammin
  15. Inadoll
In the next few posts, you'll be bombarded with my face and reviews. Heads up and beware! Surprisingly I've gotten a lot of sponsors o.o Also I've made a HUUUUGE haul in taobao and some stuff in Hong Kong. Maybe I'll make a post about it, or not. Meh

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. awww yeii it's me! thanks I'll do it as soon as possible! ♥

  2. aww thanks a lot girl! So sweet!

  3. Awww thak youuu sooo muchhhh dearr, you are so sweet *m*<3

  4. Thanks for nominating me, Rinkko-chan!! I was really honored!~

    Here's the link:

    I hope i did it right!

  5. I am just like that with my stuffies! I need them with me. Also I a tea drinker! I drink it too much I feel x) But yeah, thanks for nominating me! Imma get to it asapppp

  6. Hello Rin,
    thank you so much for nominating me, that is so sweet of you! I have published my post about it and just wanted to sat thank you ^^

  7. I hope I will be nominated too :3

    Please visit and follow me
    Keep in touch

    Danica Stark

  8. I am #1, #3, & #7 too! I am sorta #4, but I don't go out searching for new teas to collect. hahahaha. it was fun learning more about you though!! this award thing has been great. i love getting to know more about everyone >w<

  9. Oh wow we are exactly the same in terms of speaking! I kinda' sleep on my side and "hug" myself, however weird that sounds ;_; I have trouble sleeping too!
    DFJBGDFJBG I LOVE TEA, TOO! Omfg it is a godsend, can't go a day without it <3

    You know we are kinda' alike o_o I love fire too! But then again I like carrots and onions so... Half the same ? :P

  10. haha! a tad too late but I've nominated you for the Versatile blogger award too~!! XD


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