Wednesday, July 31, 2013

❣ Sugar Rose Gal Meet Day 2 ❣

Hello hello!
How is everyone doing? Currently I'm in Hong Kong and in blogging mood!

It has been a long stressful 13 hours flight but I'm finally here x.x So many feelings right now ugh. Let me start off by saying: I hate flying. Vancouver to Hong Kong to Toronto to Vancouver to Hong Kong and back multiple trips a year... I dread it so much!! It gives me a lot of psychological stress and I don't adapt well to environment change. It’s like dropping one project and continuing on another project; It leaves me so disorientated with a sinking feeling of deja vu. Also, being away from my boyfriend for 5 weeks? Yes that’s right, classic me. I sobbed hopelessly throughout the plane ride again because I miss him so much :’( …..and watching PS I LOVE YOU didn't help either.

Ahemmmm okay. While stuck with these negative emotions, I want to be productive and write about something I enjoyed/grateful for. This is what I call blogging therapy, write yourself to a happier better person right? Today I want to post about the second day of meeting Olivia! A continuation of my last post~
So the next day me and Olivia got ready together on skype! We planned our outfit the night before so we could twin again. This time’s “theme” was retro-sweet style. We tried our best to match with what we got lol~ Although nobody could tell we were twinning T^T
 Okay so something REALLY disgusting happened on my way to Richmond. I was sitting on the side of the bus, minding my own business. I looked up to see which stop I'm at, when I caught a glimpse of......... a penis........... being stroked........... by this stranger standing to my right, near the bus doors. He kept looking at me!!!! OMFG I wanted cry and run away on the spot, it was so disturbing and I felt so indirectly violated.. Trust me, I know what I saw. And when the pervert realized, he turned around slightly and covered himself with newspaper but I could still see his arms move.... I looked around and there was only like 3 people sitting at the front. But thankfully this person stood up and walked near the bus door. I couldn't hear properly but the pervert asked the man to move, and the man replied "Uh excuse me what's your problem? There's so many free seats on the bus. I'm trying to get off the next stop" ... And with that, the pervert seemed to stopped and I hurried to leave on my next stop...... but ugh omg ;_____; I've gotten a variety of unwanted attention before but this was the worse!! I felt so so scared, had to keep checking my back to see if I was being followed >< Really made me re-evaluate the way I dress...

After travelling, I finally met up with Olivia and I felt more safe lol. We went to have lunch and I met her friend Aspen! She's also from Hong Kong and studies in UBC too! I really like her, she's so kind and funny :D
The food was pretty good, we shared 3 slices of tea cakes and then decided to order some food lol. I've been craving Japanese pork cutlet curry for so long! And Olivia ordered the teriyaki chicken. But our waitress was horrible -_- not only was she being passively rude, she got the bill wrong multiple times and specifically said we couldn't split our bills. So she expected one of us to pay for everyone wtf?? After wasting a good 30minutes of our time, she didn't even apologize AND had the nerve to demand a tip. We were being nice so we gave her some change but honestly we should have just said "No, tips are earned, and you definitely did not deserve a penny."

Afterwards, we walked around in Daiso and then met up with Patrick. Then we went to take purikura! We didn't take outfit shots this time because we thought we could purikura it. Unfortunately, the full body machine had such an awkward angle so it didn't turn out good :/
All our purikura together
Then we went for dinner with Olivia's friends at a Indian restaurant, Saffron. Thanks for inviting me!! Eventhough I was still full, the food was delicious! Me, Olivia and Aspen shared butter chicken curry *___* And everyone was so nice and welcoming. Really remind me of my highschool friends haha, they are very similar as well XD Goofing off, eating yummy food, being silly and joke/talk about whatever. I hope to meet them again! <3
Afterwards we all went to Bubble Queen, a cozy place that has some really exotic bubble teas and waffles!! Me and Olivia shared this white-chocolate kit kat strawberry bubble tea hehe :3 It tasted as good as it sounds! It was getting pretty late so we decided to go home after everyone's done with our midnight munchies.

Thank you for these two days! Meeting new people always stresses me out but I had a lot of fun ^^ This concludes our meet up but there will be more to come in the future!

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. Not going to comment on that scary incident haha, it creeps me out too much :X

    You an Olivia both looks super adorable! Awww poor thing.. look on the bright sid, you still can Skype with him :DDD

    1. Yea for the next few days I was pretty scarred still :S
      Thank you <3 Yeah we try to skype often but time difference gets in the way ><

  2. Omg I still can't believe that happened to you on the bus LOL

  3. Whaaauuaaut he took his dick out? Holy! But again you look so adorableeee i love your first picture. Im in love with you. Olivia looks cute too she kinda reminds me of an old friend! And the food loooks damn good. I wish we can meet too someday bcuz looks like funnn ♡.

    1. Yes he did.... >__<
      Thank you sweetie.. haha yahh I've only ate there twice, and I ordered their curry both times cuz it was so good! Yep we will dont worry :3

  4. Hey :)

    First: You both look stunning ♥

    Second: Don't re-evaluate the way you dress </3
    Something like this happend to me before, when i was 12. I screamed like hell and scared hom away. Omg my dad was going to beat thim as i said what happend!
    And to say; I wasn't a girly kind of girl. i didn't trimmed or plucked my brows. i didn't wore make up and all my clothes we're really baggy xD

    Perverts will be perverts.
    Next time ( i really dont hope there will be a next time..) just shout at him.
    Get attention from other people.

    1. Hello thank you for your comment!
      I'm sorry that it happened to you too :( Honestly I don't think perverts even have the shame to do such things in the public.. I wish I shouted or asked for help, but I was too scared and shocked to even think ;__; my heart was pounding! ><
      Anyway I now know what I should do if there ever was a next time... hopefully never.. ugh :(

  5. I love your outfit~ Super cute!!!
    And gosh! Must have been a horrible experience on that bus, waiting to getting off and away from the creep!
    & Yayy~ you're also HKie too :D
    *hi-5* Maybe one day we can meet up in HK! :D

    -Miss Sennnaa

    1. Thank you dear, yes I was really scared that time... just thankful nothing serious happened other than that image forever scarred in my head :X
      Yeah I'm from Hong Kong too. I'd love to meet my blog readers! <3

  6. OMG I hope you were alright afterwards...ugh that was a real pervert..ew..thank goodness nothing happened to you and you had a great day after those 2 incidents.

    1. Thanks >< Yeah it was a great day other than what happened on the bus.... :/

  7. So cute girls~ i love your styles. <3

  8. Thanks for following me :3
    you're really cute <3

  9. Well, okay that story sounds similiar to mine of...2011!
    I wore hot pants (but not those were u almost can see the butt, a little longer) a Tshirt and jacket.
    Same story, only that I was alone in the WHOLE train, and that guy came my direction after he was done, touched my leg and then got off of train, since we came to a stop.
    ...I know how it feels, it's disgusting, no one can discribe how much!
    Nice puris btw!

    1. Oh my god seriously. I can't believe people would do such things.... ><
      It feels so violating and totally crossing the boundary.. We're not sex objects to sick minded perverts... I hope nothing like that happens ever again.. to anyone at all ugh :(

  10. so cute <3 your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  11. Omgosh why have i never seen your blog before?! & you're from Vancity and know Olivia too? lol i think we also have similar taste in fashion this is so crazy :3 Have fun in HK! <3

    1. Aw haha senpai finally noticed me! <333
      Thank youu :D

  12. Eeep!! That thing with the pervert was really scary... I can't believe there are people who would do that... it's so wrong!

    Glad you got out of that safely!

    You are such a beautiful gyaru! *___*

    I found you on Bloglovin and followed you right away!! :D I loved your blog and your style :)

    Kisses! <3
    -Abi from

    1. Aw thank you so much!! <33
      Yeah.. actually we got off at the same stop so I was really scared he was gonna follow me or something ><

  13. Hi Catherine,
    First of all, I absolutely love your blog! You have a great personality that shines through all of your posts<3 So naturally I started following you >:)

    Second, OMG you poor thing, you must have been so traumatized! I remember I used to take the bus to Richmond Night Market (the old one) and there used to be at least 1-2 creeps on every time :( Be careful!!

    1. Aw it really means a lot, thank you for your comment :D I've followed back, your blog is so funny haha XD awesome cartoon pics <3

      Ooh I didn't know you're from Vancity :O Sadly I haven't been to the night market yet but I'll definitely go when I'm with my boyfriend next time. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. Aw thank you so much! I try haha *shy*

      Yeah, you should! There are two in Richmond and one in Chinatown, I like the old one in Richmond better (free admission :D)!

  14. omg that hapened to me, when i went to France, Bordeaux.
    i felt the exact same way. disgusting, really T_T

  15. both of you so pretty and sweet!

    i'm inviting you to join my giveaway
    do check if you're interested :)


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