Saturday, August 31, 2013

✿ Meetup with the Toronto Gals ✿

Hi everyone!
Today's post is special because even I didn't expect this! As you know, this month I've been travelling a lot: Vancouver to Hong Kong to Toronto and eventually back to Vancouver before school starts. A few weeks ago while I was in Hong Kong, I found out there was a meet up in Toronto and I was able to attend! I didn't know there was a big gaijin community in Toronto until after I saw their Anime North Fashion show. It makes me so excited to meet all of them!! :D

(This is going to be a picture heavy post! Stole some pics from the girls :P)
I had a rough night and slept really late, but it couldn't be helped! My eyes were really swollen that day but I hope the makeup covered well.. Wahh so nervous! Crossed my fingers for a good day><

We decided to meet in Spadina & Dundas. While we waited for other girls, we went shopping for a bit~ But in the end, everyone made it to Manpuku, a delicious Japanese restaurant where we ate and chat ^^

I was so incredibly anxious to meet them!! Been freaking out all week haha >.< This was my second meetup but this time, I had no clue who was going to show up nor do I know anyone. Mmm I felt really self conscious and quiet which I regret.. I wish I talked more ;__; but the girls were all so kind and I felt more comfortable in the end. So glad I was back in Toronto in time for this! <333
Everyone! <3
Gosh do I look derpy here, but Nicole looks so good even with minimum makeup! She just had eyelaser surgery so couldn't put eye makeup. But even so, I think she's naturally gorgeous! So happy to meet you :D
After we finish eating, we are refreshed enough to take pictures!
Here was my outfit that day~
With Mami! Really grateful she invited me to this meet >< She's so bubbly, love our little hug picture :3
With Eve! Idk what I'm doing on the second picture but she looks so fierce! Love her style *__* <3
With Vicky and Chanel ^^ They're both really sweet gals. I'm surprised they know some of my friends! :O What a small world~
Nicole's dress *____* omg I couldn't stop staring at it! Look at the sexy back details!!
Mami, Vicky, Karin & Eve XD <3
Group shots! 
Afterwards, we walked our way to Metro Toronto Convention Centre to catch the Fan Expo!! :D I was really excited because it's the first time I've been to any expo :3 We didn't buy tickets but just hung outside the building to see some free cosplays :D
Warhammer :P
Sora from Kingdom Hearts & Harlequin from Batman
This girl was so sweet! I loved her whole outfit although I dont know what it was haha :P
Yu-Gi-Oh princess! How cool is that??
Ezio from Assassin's Creed! *____* oh my god my inner geek was immediately activated! I was gushing over his costume so much!! I love that game haha >w<
 Flame Princess & Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time! :D
It was getting late so we had to say bye to some of the girls :( I was supposed to meet my highschool friends for dinner/drinks that night but I didn't want to leave them! So we decided to all go for dinner ^^ I'm really glad they agreed and came along~ <3
My friend Kazumi (whom I dragged along to this meet XD) & Vicky <3
My highschool friend Nics with Eve <3 
Eve and me ^^
It was a long day, hence so many pictures haha :') I hope you aren't sick of my face now lol.
Anyway, I had so much fun! >.< It was really nice to meet the Toronto gals. I know some gals who live in places where gyaru fashion isn't common at all. So I'm really grateful to be in Vancouver/Toronto and be able to meet so many gals :D

Thank you everyone who came out to this meet! <3
And thanks for reading xoxo


  1. dkfjbgklsjdfbgkjsfbg YOU LOOK SO CUTE FFFFF. I want to take you hhome and bake you lots of cookies and cakes <3

    1. Awww yes please!! Cookies and cakes baked with loveeee <333

  2. I saw you at FanExpo but I was waaaaaay too afraid to talk to you and the other gals. ; w ; You looked absolutely stunning.
    Regrets~~ TT w TT I wish I had the courage.

    1. Waahh you should've, I'd love to meet my blog readers!! >.< Next time you should come with us too! :D Hope you had fun at the expo ^^

  3. Ahh I wish I could have been there ;___; Looks like you guys had so much fun <3 Everyone looks so good too~

  4. It looks like you had so much fun! All of you are such beautiful gals! <3 Your are so cute!! *w*

  5. All are beautiful but you are the most beautiful to me.
    skdjhflirfhlwiheuflkhe You' cuuute <3!
    I hope you had a good time :3!

  6. OMGGGG whai you look so cuteeeee *cries* Stay pretty and thanks for sharing!!!! <3

    Celyx Lim

  7. looks like you had a lot of fun! love your outfit~

  8. OMG you are too sweet! I had so much fun at this meet-up! I can't wait to hang out again when you come back ♥

    1. Aw yeah can't wait to be back!! :D Hope there's another winter meetup!

  9. You look so amazing! *__* I'm always so jealous of your looks!
    The meetup looked like a lot of fun! :3

  10. Your look is amazing. *w* I love your outfit.

    bai, Shiki


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