Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Café ♔ Princess

Hello princesses~
A few weeks ago while I was in Toronto, my friends brought me to a themed cafe! 
The interior was decorated girly and feminine. A very "high-tea" feel~
They served some really yummy desserts and bubble tea! The menu was really cute :D
I got a "small" honeydew milk tea but it was actually really big! It was really sweet too! I normally ask for less sugar but I totally forgot .__. sugary drinks makes me feel sick so I only drank half  >.<
Me and my friend Lian shared a Moffle! It's a combination of mochi and waffle. It was really chewy and tasted a bit like rice haha! Vina also got a moffle~ The presentation was so pretty :3
My other friends shared something else~ Denise got a Nutella Banana Waffle Sandwich! And Nics also got some cakes! Blueberry Cheesecake & Brownie Fudge Cake ^^
We chat and ate yummy desserts for breakfast/brunch! I had so much sugar in my system lol >< we wanted something salty afterwards but we were wayyy too full 
The Cafe is near downtown Toronto, across from Finch station! I had a really good time catching up with old friends. It was a cosy place with good food, although I thought it was too sweet haha, they went heavy on the syrup x.x

I love themed cafes! So cute ^^ Instantly brightens my mood up.
Have you been to any themed cafe lately?

Thanks for reading xoxo


  1. Ah, this same cafe is actually right by my house! *u* I actually love it alot, their waffles are so darn good hehehe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awww it looks so cute! And the desserts look really delicious. >w< Too bad I'm living far away from the USA so I won't probably never come to go there~ q^q

  3. Oh wow that place looks a lot like this one near my area called Brown Sugar and Cafe bene. The waffles taste amazing and are decorated in a similar way. Pretty cool!

  4. oh my goodness, that is so cute!! >.<

  5. Ugh at least they make your bubble tea sweet... most of the shops here water the drinks down so much and then throw ice in it. and expect you to pay 4-5 bucks for 70% water = =
    everything looks so good though...

  6. OMG all that food! I want it! I'm a person who loves salty snacks rather than sweets but this just looks delicious! *^* I've never been to a themed cafe but now I want to :( I don't think I can find these in America....

  7. Wow, that place looks amazing! I wish I had something like that near me. ^__^

  8. why you are soo cute! i want 2, wen i grow up ^^

  9. omg why so awesome and yummy looking and cute ; A ;

    please join my giveaway! it features cute handmade phone charms ~ kyasarinn's giveaway! c:

  10. Oh wow, such a pretty cafe! I absolutely adore that menu… It's so cute!
    I really want to eat some strawberries and ice cream now *_*


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