Sunday, June 29, 2014

✿✿ Made of Fabric Shop ✿✿

Hi everyone!
Today I'm back with a new brand post! I stumbled on to this brand called Made of Fabric and instantly fell in love with all their collections! They are from Thailand and offer personal customization (if requested) and worldwide shipping! Here's a short concept introduction from Made of Fabric:

Made of Fabric was first launched in 2012, been originated with "baby doll" attitude. Made of Fabric's design has combined between sweet, sexy and fairy tale style that well adapted to be wearable in the modern world.

All the sweet fabric prints contrast with the sexy and baby doll designs provide an attractive result. Its make Made of Fabric Girls become shining out from the cloud everywhere they go.

Out of the beauty outside, we concern much about the productivity. Our clothes are made of high quality material, they are neatly cutted and sew one by one (handmade process). We care every single detail to make you impressive to shop with us again and again 

So far, they produced 6 collections and is gaining popularity collaborating with Katheryn Lee, a well-known Thai (net?) model. I want to share with you my favorites from each collection!! Unfortunately, the first two collections are probably out of stock so I won't be sharing that but you can always message them if you're interested. Check out each collection videos, it really shows off the collections and clothings perfectly!

6th Collection - Arial's Wardrobe []

5th Collection - Sugar Baby []

4th Collection - Spoiled Witches []

3rd Collection - Taste Me []

Arial's Wardrobe and Sugar Baby are my favorite collections! The other two also has great fashion pieces I would like get ^__^ You can order these items by contacting Made of Fabric via facebook chat, LINE or email. I was definite on purchasing a few items but upon researching the price... aahh!! Each clothing piece/set alone is at least ฿3000+ THB (Thai Baht) which approximate to about $100+ CAD! Not including shipping btw, they use EMS international shipping which is great but the overall price was way over what I expected >.< Anyway, I'd loooove to have a few items from the Arial's Wardrobe and Sugar Baby collection!! 

Line: Madeoffabric
Instagram: madeoffabric_shop
In-Store Location: Terminal 21 M Floor, Bangkok Thailand
Telephone: +6689-979-1542 / +0935824415

Thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. I've never heard of them before, I'm so glad you posted this! I absolutely love their image and style. c:

    1. I'm glad you like it ^^ I really like their stuff too~ so cute!

  2. I've seen their store before in Terminal 21, it's really pretty but too cute for me to confidently wear it ^^' Also if you are in Thailand and LIVE IN Thailand, buying clothes or just a piece of their clothes where a top costs 1200BHT it's super expensive haha. You can get similar clothes to half price or, maybe just 120-200BHT else where in general Terminal 21 is "pricey" compared to other malls

    1. Ooh you're lucky! I've never been to Thailand but I really like to someday! Shopping seems awesome there wow *w*
      Thanks for sharing :D


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