Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A/W 2014: Wishlist Browsing ♥

It's that time of the year where everything starts turning white and hot chocolate is the ultimate survival key! Just joking~ I'm not too excited for winter because it's gonna be super gloomy, super rainy and super cold. So that takes the fun away from dressing up. But while the sun is still barely out, I wanna enjoy every last bit of it. All the items listed above are from If you haven't heard of them, you should really check them out! They have a huge variety of trendy and affordable fashion. It's tempting because over $30 dollars you get FREE international shipping!

(Right now they have free international shipping promotion with no purchase minimum! Just for 2 days though )

As of this year, I am completely obsessed with the colors white, cream, beige, brown, dusty pink and anything in-between! I think this color schema is so elegant and can mix-match without colors looking randomly out-of-place. A large portion of how I like to put my outfits together is by working around color(s). 

Houndstooth is such a autumn/winter pattern and I love it! I really like the pattern on skirts because having it on top/jacket might be too loud. Pairing it with a fluffy white knit and some gold accessories would look amazing!

Along with houndstooth, I've been on the look for tweed jackets ever since I fell sooo hard in love with Juicy Couture 's version of this year. But the one I found on SheInside is totally afforadable and much more versatile to match and wear. A definite buy if you ask me hehe. Bring back the retro classic Chanel please!

A change of season always gives me a self-justified excuse to go shopping lol.
Does that happen to you too? What's on your Autumn/Winter to-buy list? ;)

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Such lovely picks...I love the leopard coat with the ears *0*

    Hmm i don't have a lot of clothing on my wishlist the moment....but a nice sweater would do for now, maybe pink!!!

    Thanks for sharing ^____^

    恵美より ♥

    1. You're welcome :) knits and sweaters are the best for winter! :3

  2. Aaah loving the wishlist! I really want to wear cream and pastels too... I've got too much black in my wardrobe ;_;

    1. Aw black is ALWAYS versatile! But yesss, lets work hard to build our dream wardrobe! :D

  3. Hi there! Great post, I enjoyed reading!! BTW I've nominated you for the "Blogger Recognition Award". Being quite similar to the Liebster Award, I hope you enjoy doing it! Keep the wonderful posts comin'! =)


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