Tuesday, December 23, 2014

♡♡♡ BornPrettyStore Sponsored Giveaway ♡♡♡ ~(up to 10 winners)

Merry Christmas everyone!!! It's almost 2015, are you excited? To help you look forward to the new year, BornPrettyStore will be treating up to 10 of my lucky blog readers! Yayyy~

For those who don't know yet, BornPrettyStore is a online company that sells a HUGE variety of beauty and fashion items. They are most well known for their eyelashes and nail art supplies, so I recommend anyone to check it out. You can get a lot for a really affordable price! I've collaborated with BornPrettyStore before and we are happy to bring you this giveaway :)
Use this giveaway banner ^

Everyone has a chance to win via the Rafflecopter below. There will be 1 winner for every 100 entries in the Rafflecopter. For example if there are total 500 entries, then there will be 5 winners.  I made this so many people can have high chance of winning and everyone has equal chance. So try to get as many entries as possible because you will be competing your entries with the other 100 entries. Share the giveaway for even more chance and winners! Maximum will be 10 winners. 
Up to 10 people will be winning a box of 5 pair top and bottom lashes -chosen by me! I think this is really practical because bottom lashes are hard to find and you can never have too many top lashes! Also, the lashes are on a soft invisible band and handmade with artificial fibre. These type of lashes are comfortable and light to wear, perfect for anyone with or without experience with false lashes. I hope you like it and good luck!

Giveaway Rules: 
  • Open internationally 
  • Follow instructions on Rafflecopter 
  • Ends on January 31, 2015 
  • Winners depend on entries (max. 10)
  • If winner doesn't reply within 1 week, I will randomly pick another one
  • No cheating please! It won't be fair to other people and the sponsor. I do check to make sure each entry is valid. I will delete your entry if you have not fulfilled the criteria. Please be honest! :)
A big thank you to BornPrettyStore!
Remember I have 10% discount code for my readers! Just put in CCH10 during check out~

Thanks for reading and good luck!


  1. How would you describe your style/inspiration? Casual Rock
    What would you like to see more from me? Dressup with other style clothes xD it could be funny
    Or tell me something about yourself, I usually not comment but I read you blog, I like it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  2. How would you describe your style/inspiration?
    I always was into decora and cute harajuku fashion, but in the last time I got more and more interested in gyaru (and lolita as well)
    But sometimes I also like dress more dark, visual kei and gothic inspired. I like sooo much kind of styles. It's hard to decide for only one. :3

    What would you like to see more from me? I like personal stuff, outfit posts and how you do your make up QwQ ...

    Or tell me something about yourself: I was really amazed when I read on your "about me" site that you like death metal (and some j-pop). Because I didn't expect that. But it's really cool ~ I also like death metal, especially melodic death metal. :3

    Thank you for the giveaway <3

  3. Hmm, something I'd like to see more of from you are outfit coord posts or makeup tutorials. You always look so beautiful and spot-on, that it'd be great to learn how you put it all together/techniques you use *A* <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for holding this giveaway! I love your posts, but I don't comment much haha

  4. awh Merry Xmas errone and thanks for the giveaway, so kind ^^

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  5. How would you describe your style/inspiration?
    I'm a gyaru baby who likes rokku and casual styles and I take as much inspiration as I can from Tokyo street snaps and blogs because they feel less "produced" than girls on magazines

    What would you like to see more from me?
    More tutorials and reviews, I love your reviews, they are my favorite because they're super honest and I can see you take your time for photos and makeup which I also like and that's why I would like tutorials of your make up!

  6. I would love to see more skincare and diys! Thanks for the giveaway <3

  7. i want to see more make up review and make up tutorial :)

  8. I like to think I have a fashion style, but I don't I just wear things I like and hope I can rock it :'D I love to make videos and do challenge videos with my boyfriend but I'm really busy lately with a lot of moving and such right up till new years and today is my last day with wifi until sometime next year D:

  9. I'd love to see you do some makeup tutorials and some meet up posts with me! haha <3

  10. I'd love to see more and more makeup tutorials. Love new fresh ideas!

  11. Hi dear~thenk you for the giveaway <3
    I love your makeup tutorials *-* you're really tallented and cute!

  12. How would you describe your style/inspiration? I love Punk/Rock Style, being irreverent!!

    What would you like to see more from me? More makeup tutorials and cosplay's!! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway sweetie!

  13. Thanks for the giveway :) Happy new year

  14. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)
    I really enjoy reading your blog, although I don't comment that often. x) I need to change that because I really think you deserve ll the feedback. I love your lens and lash reviews and that you always put some personal details to your posts like attending a concert or holiday trips for example. :3 I also would love to see more full body shots of your gorgeous outfits in future.

  15. Please do makeup tutorials! I'd love to see that. :) Oh, and happy new year!

  16. I like your blog I recently discovered n.n My style its something rough boots with spikes thighs that kind of things I would like to see some of makeup. Thank you for your work on this blog its really helpfull n,n

  17. I think my style inspiration can vary from day to day. I like to look online and get inspired by fashion magazines and blog. Lately i'm very inspired by matching patterns that wouldn't typically be matched. I love looking bold and unique! Thank you for tthe giveaway ") I love your blog!

  18. thanks, love tutorials! :))
    Please contact me via email if I win! Thanks so much!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I'd love to see more and more makeup tutorials. Thank you. Email maria.fiengo@yahoo.it

  21. i want to see more make up review and make up tutorial :)
    E-mail: iotifrego2@hotmail.it

  22. My style is very casual, I really just get inspiration from looking at blogs or every day people :)

  23. I'd say I'm a mix between classic and rock/goth depending on the day. I get inspiration from anything around me!

  24. I would really love to see more makeup and hair tutorials! :)
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway x

  25. How would you describe your style/inspiration? Casual/girl next door :)
    What would you like to see more from me? Hair tutorials because I love your hair *♥*


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