Saturday, December 19, 2015

[♥Sponsored♥] Ice Cream 3 Color Blush #3 by Nanda

Hi everybody!

Today, I got a makeup review to share! I've been using this product for a while now and I like it a lot. Big thank you to my sponsor BornPrettyStore ♡ I also have 10% discount code: CCH10 for my readers so be sure to check them out!

Ice Cream 3 Color Blush #3 by Nanda
Get them HERE from BornPrettyStore
Came in a cute box
Stock picture (4 colors available)
Color & Finish: I chose color #3 because I think it'll suit me the most. It's a medium/light pink shade with a off-white highlight. There are shimmery specks in all colors and it gives a nice pearl-like glow. The color payoff is sheer but buildable to opaque. The powder feels soft and last almost the entire day.
Quality: Great product as a blush/highlighter! The compact is sturdy and secure, in a cute pink color. I was actually shocked by how big it was when I received it. It is almost the size of my palm! This is also perfect because my blush brush tends to be pretty big. For the price, you actually get a lot for 15grams.
Overall: I really like the 3 colors in combination. It makes application easier and it gradients from blush to a highlight as you apply. I don't like harsh highlighter so its nice when the blush comes with a sheer but buildable highlight too. The pan is huge so you can actually pick how you distribute the colors. Overall I'm really impressed with this product. Blush is an essential for me daily but I'm sure this product will last me a long time because it's such a big pan. Plus it's so convenient and the finish is so pretty!
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  1. The colours are super pretty! is this Style Nanda 3CE? or another brand?

    1. I think it's another brand not related to 3CE ^^ still a lovely product though

  2. Wow! The colours look so cute, so shimmery!

  3. The colours look so nice and cute

  4. Really cute! Looks like perfect for sweet and girly styles ^___^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  5. Oh! I love Etude House too! >.<
    Their blush has adorable shades!!

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    Thanks, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~♡

  6. They are such pretty colours. I have such a boring blusher at the moment, but I am almost out so maybe I'll try this one. Great review!

    <3 Sarah | Oh So Kawaii

  7. Wow, you look so cute, love this sharing


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