Wednesday, December 9, 2015

♡♡♡Tokyo 2015♡♡♡ Day 3 & 4: Kawagoe, Edo-Tokyo Museum, Akihabara

On the third day, we went to Kawagoe in Saitama. The city is known as "Little Edo" of Tokyo because of the traditional style architect back from the Edo period. You can find little delicate shops that sell local souvenirs, gifts, handcrafts, street food and so on. It was a cool experience to go back in time!
Fresh rice crackers grilled over charcoal ♥ Hot and crispy!
Grilled dango with shoyu glaze

Lunchhh~ Found a cute restaurant that specializes in unagi 
When I was walking around, I kept seeing ads for Hajimemashita Kamisama. I used to read the manga but I didn't know they made an anime! So that night I was really excited and started to watch the anime. Little did I know that the anime actually took place in Kawagoe! I could recognize the buildings and landmarks. Biggest surprise was that in one of the scenes, they went to a dessert restaurant.... but it was actually the restaurant we went for lunch!! The interior and exterior looked exactly the same!!! Then, I proceed to fangirl immensely ~~~♡♡♡
The next day, we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida. 
Its a history museum starting from the Edo period. I really like to learn the culture and history of the place when I travel, and museum was perfect that day because it was raining. It was pretty cool, they had a lot of artifacts, exhibits and remake models, some you can even go inside!
Printing with stamps back then
They even talked about school and fashion! Kogyaru!
Afterwards, we were so hungry from walking.. off to search for lunch! Another must-eat when I come to Japan... Gyutan!! I love beef in general but the tongue is the best!! Golden Rule: When you know what you want to eat, always go to a more specialized restaurant. It'll be good ♥
I was also starting to get the flu during my trip. It was horrible and the medicine made me so sleepy. Once I step into the metro, I would fall asleep immediately if I get a seat. Anyway, after lunch, I felt kind of so tired and the rain isn't helping. But before we head back to hotel, we stopped by Akihabara. I wasn't planning to go because we won't have time, but I wanted to quickly stop by to make my trip worth it. And it sure did! Woooooow I've never seen such a huge department store just for electronics! Wish I took more pictures but I was so tired. The video game floors was like overwhelming. I had one goal and it was to buy a case and matching baggy for my Nintendo 3DSXL! So cute! Super happy!
After the hunt, I had to go back and rest up before dinner. We went to a nice sushi restaurant with conveyor belt, in one of the malls of Shibuya. It was marked recommended on our travel guide because of how good it taste with super cheap pricing and its also a sister restaurant of Umegaoka Sushi no Midori, one of the best sushi chain restaurant (which we also went to on the last day.... so true ohmygodddd). The quality was decent, pretty damn good. But the price!! We really stuffed ourselves and the total was less than what we paid at tsukiji market. Super good deal!!!

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  1. Your trip sounds like so much fun and that 3DSXL case you got is so cute <3

    1. I'm so happy we went despite how much I wanted to rest T^T worth it <3

  2. Ah this looks so quaint! I love visiting historic places :D

  3. I'm now craving for grilled dangoXD omg
    It looks beautiful there! It's so nice to recognize places when you read Manga or watch anime:D [like in 'Gals!' everytime there is a lanscape frame I have to try and figure where at is and usually I was right lolXD]
    And the kogyaru uniform<333333333

    1. I was expecting it to be sweet but when i took a bite it was salty! XD So chewy tho yumm
      Hehehe all those hours studying manga/anime paid off lol!


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