Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year Resolutions 2016 ♥

This year was pretty exciting I guess. I went to many places, my style changed and achieved some new experiences, milestones, etc. But a new year always feels uneasy for me; like a reminder that time is always moving forward, changes are bound to happen and everyone gets older by the year. What's done is done. Nevertheless, I want to write my new years resolution for things I want to achieve by the end of 2016. I tend not to make resolutions because I'm the type of person that lives in the present. It's kind of nerve-racking trying to expect the unexpected, so I tend to not think about it. The future is scary stuff. But I think it's about time I take control of what I want rather than let it all happen as it is. There's a lot of things I want to achieve by next year that I am honestly looking forward to it. 

1) I want to exercise and have an active lifestyle. I may be skinny but in reality, I am so physically weak because of my sedentary lifestyle. I really want to tone up, lose body fat and build a strong body. I want to feel better and look even better. 

2) I want to get a new job, get a car and move to a better place. All those years of education behind me, I want to finally get a stable job that is actually relevant to my passion and degree. I want to move closer in town and have my boyfriend to move in with me. I want to start establishing my own independent adult life. 

3) I want to pass my final exam and become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. It is coming up this year and can't wait until I finish my program. I hear the final exam is super intense but I have faith in myself.

4) I want to take care of myself. I eat pretty healthy but I rarely restrict when it comes to snacks because I believe in indulgence. Eating something I love gives me so much joy but I tend to overdo it. So this year I want to learn moderation. Mindful eating is a lifestyle change. Another thing is to be strict on my skincare routine and try to dress nicely, everyday if I can. I want to look good for myself even on bad days, because the worse is to see yourself all tired and worn out with self neglect -- its really a downer. No despite whatever stress, I'm still going to look fab and ready to deal. 

5) I want to be the better person. Sometimes I get really sensitive when I get triggered, and then I freak out. But when I think about it, it's because I get too worked up over small details that I fail to look at the bigger picture. This year I want to stay positive and try to see past little hurdles. I need to know that when my mind goes on rampage, I need to slow things down.

6) Lastly, I want to blog what and when I want. I feel like in the past years, blogging slowly became a chore because I was stressed on putting out posts and sponsored reviews when I didn't have the time. This year, I want to do whatever I want because I only enjoy blogging when I want to anyway. Plus I do have a lot of things to share so I really hope I get around it. But one thing for sure, I want to start blogging about nutrition and share my knowledge with you. As a nutrition student and soon-to-be nutritionist, there are so many soooooo mannnnyyy false information on the web, and that makes me really angry. I want to explain everything based on what I learned from my professors. Food is a vital part of life and everyone should spend some time to understand how nutrition can impact you. This is so important because I see so many people neglecting their health because lack of awareness, mis-information and desensitivity from today's ignorant food culture. The truth is, you can eat yourself to become stronger person or you can ignore what a blessing traditional medicine and modern science has given us and eat yourself to death. We need to take care of ourselves!

I hope to read back at the end of 2016 and proudly pat myself for achieving all my resolutions. I know if I push myself a little harder, I can definitely do it. But I want to thank all my readers who have supported me through these years. It's a little unbelievable that someone would be interested to read my thoughts. Seeing your clicks and comments makes me happy. Thank you!
Nostalgic picture from beginning of 2015.
What are your resolutions for 2016?


  1. I really wanna be a better person too! I feel kinda useless and worthless, because i feel like i've achieved nothing in 2015. >.<
    goodluck with yoo resolutions and I'm looking forward seeing your progress with exercising!!

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  2. Just persist <3
    Work hard i know u can do it.

  3. I'm so proud of you for finishing your schooling! I hope 2016 is a great year for you and that you'll be able to accomplish everything you set out to. Super looking forward to reading your updates <3

  4. Good luck with your goals! I hope everything goes great for you this year!*^^*
    Looking forward to seeing more posts from you<3

  5. Your resolutions are so optimistic! I hope you're able to achieve them all! You can do it! I'll be cheering you on x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  6. Good luck on your resolutions! I can't wait to see your nutrition blogs~ I really need to be more healthy this year but I'm scared of loosing weight!

  7. You are so cute >33<
    you resolutions are similar to mine ~ in my case I want to pass JPLT exam ;o; btw ganbattene! ♥ I hope you'll be able to do everything ^-^

    Sweety Rainy Days

  8. Hey there! Just another blogger passing through.
    You're very cute, and I wanted to say good luck with your resolutions.
    I hope that you're able to accomplish these.
    If not all, then at least some of them!
    (I myself don't have any resolutions past just finishing the year.)

  9. couldn't agree more with your resolutions =)


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