Tuesday, March 1, 2016

✿ Late Autumn 2015 ✿

Since my last post, I've been so busy got no time to blog! Anyway, I just want to do a quick update and share some pictures from late autumn last year. 

In September I got to see Krisiun, Origin, Soreption, Aeon, Ingested and Alterbeast!! Okay we actually arrived too late... The line up was awesome though!!! But I was soooo sad we missed Soreption. They were the top band for me that year and we arrived just when they finished omg T___T Got some band merch but ugh still regretting lol.. took our sweet time pre-drinking
In October, I decided to dye my blonde hair brown! Blonde looks great but honestly after 4+ years, I'm getting bored of the maintenance and the color. It was kind of impulsive. I wanted to get an haircut but ended up  dying as well haha. It was semi-permanent so it'll slowly fade lighter. Right now it is a mix of dark blonde and light brown. Really loving the change!
I also got to see Hate Eternal, Misery Index, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil and Tyrants Blood.  It was a pretty gooood, mostly went to see Misery Index <333 We caught the stick too!!!! Managed to get the drummer to sign it afterwards :D yay
I also went out with friends. Food and talk and birthdays and stuff.
In November it was my bf's birthday so we went clubbing! Omgosh haven't gone clubbing for so long! Had a great time haha. I say drunk dancing is the best because you're just a care-free spirit enjoying yourself :)
Remember when I said I wouldn't wear circle lens anymore? Okay I kind of lied. As I mentioned, I only wear the Acuvue Define Dailies but on special occasions, I bust out some colored daily lenses. I bought these Naturali ones and I really like them! Comfortable and the color is vibrant but still kind of natural overall. 
Oh what a memorable night. Just as we were about to grab a cab, I slipped and fell backwards on my wrist and fractured 2 tiny bones. I couldnt tell at that time but the throbbing pain wouldnt go away and was swelling up. But knowing me, I shrugged it off LOL. Continued to the club and danced the pain away, literally. But the next day the pain was getting worse so I had to get it checked. Wow spent like 8 hours waiting in the emergency care. I got so cranky and hungover and hungry and in pain I really shed a tear. But it was my first broken bone experience! Actually just fractures but it wasn't as painful as I'd imagine. This was 3 months ago and I'm still having trouble with thumb mobility. Future arthritis? ugh
Annnd some more food before I flew to Toronto for Christmas! Ohhh the Christmas holidays were awesome! Will definitely update later. Lots of good food, friends and family. Exactly what I need to end and start the new year! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. I hope your thumb mobility improves? Have you told your doctor about it?? Also, I love the red nails! So beautifully done and they look classy :D

    1. Oops. not supposed to be a question mark in the first sentence >.<

    2. Thank youuu I loved the nail set too TwT
      I went to physio for a month, it's slowly getting better but not fully yet ><

  2. Those lenses are so pretty on you! I love you with darker hair. *A*

    I hope your wrist and hand gets better.

  3. Oh gosh I hope your wrist is better! I love your new hair colour looks lovely on you <3


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