Thursday, October 6, 2016

♡ 5 Years Anniversary ♡

Long time no blog~! 
Life has been super busy and I will make an update hopefully in the next blog post asap! 
Just wanted to share a happy day from a few weeks ago. Last month in September, I got to celebrate my 5 years anniversary with the boyfriend. He booked a new place at White Rock since I love trying new restaurants. Nostalgic since we also celebrated our 3 yr anni White Rock as well -- how time flies! Anyway, here was my outfit for the night:
Top: SneepDip // Belt: OneWay // Skirt: MeJane // Boots: DiableBaiser
Five years sounds like a long time but it doesn't feel that long for me. We've really grown a lot together but many of the memories are still feel fresh in my mind. I love that we are not perfect but we are mature enough to look past our flaws and accept each other! I am super grateful to have him and its a blessing that I can be comfortable with my true self around him.
The food was super yummy! He got mussels and I got this seasonal entree with pan-seared halibut, creamy risotto and grilled veggies. It was really good and I especially loved the vegetables! Really nice flavor and so filling haha had to take some leftovers home :D
After dinner, we strolled around the pier before heading home :) Cute date but we pretty much celebrated throughout the entire month with little gifts and surprises here and there lol ♡♡♡

Thanks for reading!


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